Daily Minnesota ~ Wordfilled Wednesday

I couldn’t help but stop by and share this (Never) wordless Wednesday post. Yesterday I got to meet some mama’s that I have ‘known’ through a mommy message board since I was pregnant. I had a blast, and even picked up this shirt for Squishy. We may be in MN but Daddy and Squishy are still Packer’s fans!

I am so happy to be spending the first day of my last year as a 20-something with my family. The only way this could be any better is if my Hubs were here with us. A birthday hug from him would mean the world to me.

Squish has learned several new Baby-signs while being here in MN. He can now do thank you, eat, more, hat, shoe, all done, milk, train, and TOUCHDOWN!!

Is it time for the touchdown sign yet??

Mama, you forgot my cheese-head!

Let’s go already, I’m ready to watch the game!

Also, I just wanted to share that today is the kick off for Blog For a Cause. I have joined in this group writing community designed to bring attention to causes near and dear to our hearts. Each month two causes will be chosen. You can chose to write about them and link up with all the other bloggers who do, or simple just read some wonderful posts about these events. To find out more, check out Nirvana Mama, our host for this meme. Look for my posts later this month.

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  1. Welcome to Minnesota!


  2. he looks SOOOOO cute in that jersey ready for football :) we are ready over here too!!


  3. Sippy Cup Mom says:

    LOL, love the pics! Touchdown!


  4. This is Nirvana Mamma (I couldn't sign in as me). Thanks so much for linking up to the meme! So excited! The first post is up–a bit late. I was on vacation and SOOOO over ambitious on that one. Your son is so adorable! He reminds me of mine. He is such a smarty pants with all his signs. When did he start to learn them? Maybe I should start teaching my son…


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