Throwing a Toddler Birthday Party for Under $50


"Birthday Cake" "Happy Birthday" "2 year-old birthday"My son turned two this weekend. (Ohemmgee! I have a two year-old!) After last years big bash, I wanted to do something a lot more low key, and wanted to stay with-in a $50 budget.

Turns out, party planning for an affordable birthday party is super easy to do! I knew I wanted to do it at a local park that has a splash pad. So I had my location, and my “theme” water-play.

The Invitations (Free)
Last year I got custom designed (and SUPER affordable) invites from Jumping Jax Designs. I loved them. But this year since I wasn’t going to have a big bash, I went the free route and sent out an Evite!

"Free Invitations" "toddler Birthday"

I think they turned out super cute. Simple, but cute!

Decorations ($12)
Since we were going to be at a park, I wanted to keep in super simple. While shopping for food, I came across these Balloons on a stick!. At $1 each, they were affordable, and would stick into the ground marking off our area in the grass!

"Mini Balloons" "Happy Birthday Balloons" "Toddler Birthday"

Party Favors ($0 additional)
Toddlers love balloons on sticks!! So my decorations served as party favors. I took this into account when I was buying them, making sure I had enough for all the kiddos in attendance if they wanted them.

Food ($35)
This was the most expensive part of the process. Mostly because I went the easy way, and bought pre-cut fruits and veggies. But you can save even more money by cutting up your own fruit salad and veggie snack trays. I also bought Organic Yogurt Sticks (the individual yogurts in a stick like packaging) as yogurt is a huge hit with any toddler crowd! Optional: Freeze the yogurt sticks, and have a fun frozen treat. I also picked up a box of graham crackers too. We skipped the cake as we were eating on the ground and my crowd was all mainly 18 months – 2.5. We did cake at home for our family celebration.  Don’t forget a case of water for everyone to enjoy!

Thank You Cards (Free)
I love Smilebox. You can create cards including pictures from your party, and then add a personal message in the body. And it is free! Here is a sample!

Click to play this Smilebox thank you
Create your own thank you - Powered by Smilebox
Make your own thank you

Total = >$50

We had a blast! And didn’t spend a ton of money.  But I still made the day special for all of us!

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  1. says

    Sounds great!! I’ll keep this in mind for my son’s 3 year birthday party 😉 My hubby says I always go over board, which I do, a little.
    Happy Birthday Squishy!!


  2. says

    Happy birthday!! They grow up so fast.

    I love the decorations !! so cute. My son will turn 10 in few weeks and I am wondering if I can manage to throw a party for less than $50. Hard at this age.
    I like the idea of having a party in the park. I can do that for my 4 year old.
    Stumbled your post from STT. Have a great week


  3. says

    Hi – a park party is always a big hit for everyone. The kids can play and run to their little hearts content. Grownups can yak and the men can go “supervise” the little kids. LOL My sister does that for her two boys. She usually does heleum balloons as prizes, brings cupcakes and water and they open presents, take pics and that’s it. Easy peasy.

    My sister was worried about having such a cheap party since so many parents go all out – but that was all they could afford – and personally I think it was more fun for everyone involved.

    Great post – I’ll stumble this for you, pls stumble back? =D Tina “The Book Lady”


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