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"Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad"I don’t know about you, but I loathe household chores.  Usually I try to power through them, and hurry to get them finished.

Not anymore!

Thanks to the new Cox Connect TV app for my iPad, boring chores is a thing of the past in my house!  Now I can cook while watching the food network channel, clean while catching up on the news via CNN, and do laundry while watching House Hunters on HGTV!

"Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad"
Dinner Inspiration on the Food Network
"Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad"
Cooking with the Cox Connect TV app!
"Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad"
Even doing dishes is more fun now!

Additionally, my son can watch Disney right in his lap when I need a little extra distraction to keep him busy!

"Cox Connect TV" "Watch TV on your iPad"

This app is perfect for anyone!  Gone are the days of disagreeing what to watch on TV.  Now my hubs can watch the game, while I catch us on Kim and Kourtney Take New York! (Yes, I admit, it’s a guilty pleasure!)  And we can both do it while sitting and cuddling on the same couch!  (At least that is what I hope to do when he returns home from deployment!)

I even have a new iPad holder on order so that I can watch Cox Connect TV right on my elliptical while working out at home!  There are just so many ways you can use this app!!

The Cox Connect TV app is super easy to use too!

Just install the app

Click on the cute cox logo

"Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad"


"Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad"

Watch your favorite programs!

"Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad"
Nothing like a show filmed right in Las Vegas!

Cox TV Connect allows you to watch popular shows LIVE, right on your iPad!

Check out these great features!

  • Watch TV on your iPad from anywhere in your house
  • Choose from more than 35 popular channels.
  • Yours to enjoy for free as a subscriber to Cox TV Essential and Cox Preferred Premier or Ultimate Internet Service
  • Access an easy to navigate guide, which lists program descriptions and ratings for current and upcoming shows.
  • Choose to watch programs using a full screen high quality standard definition picture in either portrait or landscape view.

"Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad""Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad""Cox Connect TV" "Cox Communications" "TV for iPad" "Cox Cable" "iPad"

Cox TV Connect Requirements

To be eligible for Cox TV Connect, you must:

  • Subscribe to either Preferred, Premier, Premier Plus, or Ultimate Internet service.
  • Subscribe to TV service with TV Essential package or higher.

Keep up on the latest news or technology by following Cox on Facebook, @Cox_com on Twitter and their YouTube page.

Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in a blog campaign conducted by Everywhere Society on behalf of Cox Communications. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program.  All my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    Ok. This is AWESOME. I have an iPad but we don’t have Cox providers around us, boo! I would love to be able to stream live TV on my iPad. Sigh, maybe one day.


    Emily Reply:

    Yes, maybe one day soon!! Thanks :)


  2. says

    This is totally cool. I wish I had something like that for our service. Right now I am just using the channel websites.


    Emily Reply:

    Yes, it is super cool. I hope you get something like it soon!


  3. says

    I don’t know if I could do chores and watch TV…TV would side track me I would end up cooking my laundry and trying to wash my food LOL. But love the TV on the iPad.


    Emily Reply:

    I admit, it does take me a bit longer sometimes, but the vision of you doing that made me laugh!


  4. Arthur Fonzarelli says

    The app sounds cool at first, but it wouldn’t suit my needs. When I’m home and want to watch TV, I have a giant HDTV flat screen in the living room, and I can see it from the kitchen when I’m cooking or doing the dishes. If I’m not home and something is on that I wanted to watch, well that’s the time that I would want to watch TV on my iPad. For this, I use the DISH Remote Access app that I learned about from work at DISH a while back. I can stream all of my channels either live or recorded on the DVR, and what’s best is that I also get on demand content from HBO!


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