Practically Perfect @Avengers Cookies


Marvels The Avengers Cookies (4)

The Marvel’s Avenger Event is practically upon us, and while haven’t even picked out my wardrobe for the red carpet event at the Tribeca Film Festival, I have made Avengers cookies!

You see, with a little Avenger’s fan in my home, who also happens to be a cookie monster, there was no waiting once the Williams Sonoma cookie cutter set and Ironman spatula arrived in the mail.

Finding a dress can wait!  Telling a 2.5 year old he can’t make Avenger cookies is practically begging for a tantrum!

There was only one small problem… I pretty much FAIL when it comes to baking.  But any parent will tell you, with tantrums looming, the fear of failure is not as bad as the meltdown of a toddler who just wants his Avenger cookies!

Williams Sonoma Avengers Cookie Cutters (4)

Williams Sonoma Avengers Cookie Cutters (3)Williams Sonoma Avengers Cookie Cutters (1)Williams Sonoma Avengers Cookie Cutters (2)

After taking a look at the set, I thought, well this will be easy.  They practically made it fool proof!  They even included a recipe for sugar cookies.  Of course, having now put my son off for making these cookies for two days, there was no way I was going to be able to push my luck any longer!  Thank goodness I had premade cookie dough in the fridge!

Marvels The Avengers Cookies  (1)Marvels The Avengers Cookies  (2)

Everything started out great, the cookie cutters were so easy to use!  If my son was a little bit older, he would have been able to do it as well!  Very “bad baker” and kid friendly!

Marvels The Avengers Cookies  (3)

However, this is where my luck ended…  Please note, if you use premade cookie dough, you will have spreading problems…  All of the sudden I was feeling like Loki.  (He’s a villain in case you didn’t know this…)

Marvels The Avengers Cookies  (4)Marvels The Avengers Cookies (1)

I had killed The Avengers…

Thankfully, the beauty of a toddler is that he doesn’t yet see imperfections.  He told me they looked “pretty awesome mommy!”


Squishy had a blast decorating his cookies.

Avengers Cookie Decorating (1)

Avengers Cookie Decorating (2)Avengers Cookie Decorating (4)

Avengers Cookie Decorating (3)

Avengers Cookies (2)Avengers Cookies (1)Avengers Cookies (3)

I think my toddler nailed it!  What do you think?  This is how Williams Sonoma suggests they should be decorated.

Marvel's The Avengers Cookies

Practically perfect right?

Cooking with your Toddler

My suggestion?  Use the recipe Williams Sonoma included in the box, and have fun decorating them.  Even if they don’t come out exactly perfect, your Avengers fans (big or small) will love them!

And if all else fail, try using the cookie cutters to cut out Avenger Pancakes!!  I foresee many years of fun Avengers food in our future!

Marvels The Avengers Cookies (2)Marvels The Avengers Cookies (3)

You can purchase the Marvel’s Super Hero cookie cutters online for $19.99 at Willams Sonoma.

Disclosure: I received the Williams Sonoma cookie cutter set and spatula as part of #TheAvengersEvent.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. those look so cute!!


  2. How cute and yummy!


  3. Very cute!!


  4. Those are some cool cookies. I know my boys would love them.


  5. shelbi stockdale says:

    I found the same ones at my Marshall’s Homegoods for 9.99 and used them for my son’s birthday party. Mine came out, though. He loved them!


  6. Those look amazing!! My kids would go crazy over them.


  7. I love Squishy’s take on them – adorable! Great idea on the pancakes – they’re really intimidating the cheese and blueberries!


  8. Oooo – I like the pancake idea!


  9. My son would love these!


  10. I love the pancake idea!! So fun. Squish is too cute!


  11. Looks like he is having a great time! Looks like awesome cookies :-)


  12. I think they turned out great! ;-) Love the pancakes idea also!


  13. Too cute!


  14. What fun!


  15. I saw the kits when I was in Florida and everyone made a different character. They came out really cute!


  16. So cool and fun!


  17. They look yummy and so fun for the kids!


  18. You did a great job! Love the Hulk ones best.


  19. Liz Weldy says:

    Add 1/4c flour to the dough next time you use bought dough, it will help with the spreading! :-)


  20. Had the same problems with Star Wars cutters – solved it by stamping the cooked 1/2 way through baking. Tedious but it worked.


  21. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Found you through pinterst. I am going to make them for my son’s birthday party. Just got the cookie cutters on sale for $2.99!!!! Looks like we will be making pancakes tomorrow. :0)



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