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Last weekend I had the opportunity of a lifetime to fly out as part of the “Mr. Disney Mommy Bloggers” team, put on a fancy dress, and walk the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Once at the end of that carpet, I was given the opportunity to see an early screening of Marvel’s The Avengers.

I have gone to all of the Marvel movies with my husband.  We love watching movies together and he is a huge fan of the Marvel comics, so when these movies would come out it was pretty much guaranteed that we would be going to see them.

Over the years I have learned the story of The Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Loki, S.H.I.E.L.D. and so much more from watching them come to life on the screen and listening as my husband filled in any gaps or things I may need to know.

With each passing movie I too have become invested in these characters, and become more and more excited to see each movie at it’s release.  While I wouldn’t say I am a fan on the level of my husband and so many other Marvel comic loving fans out there, I have become a fan.

Since I am not a super fan girl from the Marvel comics, I am not going to try and review this movie from that point of view.  I am simply going to share why this movie is going to be one that fans of all levels, families, and even moms can enjoy.

3 Reasons Why Moms will Love Marvel’s The Avengers

  1. It’s a family friendly movie with good role models!

    The Avengers Thor, Ironman, The Hulk, Captian America

    My son is almost 3, and while he is still a very young for this movie watching him discover the wonder of a superhero as the movie has been advertised over the past couple of months has been pure joy.  I think The Avengers are great superheroes to look up to.

    Many of The Avengers have qualities that kids will look up to, but they also have issues/problems that they need to overcome in order to be the best possible version of themselves. Tony Stark/Ironman has to learn how to work with others and not be selfish, Steve Rodgers/Captain America has to balance his strength with his heart and remember that he isn’t a bully.  Bruce Banner/The Hulk has to learn to control his anger in situations, and Thor needs to learn to be less arrogant.  This movie especially focuses on them working on their flaws as well as perfecting their strengths and finding the right balance to function as a team. I think that makes them great role models for our children to look up to!

    A note about ages for this movie: I think depending on your child aged 7+ may be okay, but the movie is PG-13 so use your parental guidance!

  2. You will get lost in the story and laugh a lot!


    If you are anything like me, and I know there are lots of women out there who have attended the previous Marvel movies with their significant other/or friends, you will love this story.  All the best Marvel characters come together to fight one evil force and save the world.  It is smart, well produced, and super funny.

    Before the movie started I turned to the mommy blogger sitting next to me and apologized. I told her I was a shifter and had a hard time sitting still during movies.  Turns out I didn’t need to do that.  I sat through this movie mesmerized by the story, non-stop action, special effects, and more!

    Let’s talk characters for a moment.  I think Joss Whedon really got the heart and souls of The Avengers right in this movie.  I will say right now that this is my favorite Hulk movie.  They finally got his character right, and boy did he SMASH!  If you are an Ironman/Tony Stark fan, you will LOVE his role in this movie.  The dynamic between Thor and Loki in this movie seemed more connected and real then even in Thor.  It was also great to see Captain America develop his character more in this movie.  Put all The Avengers in a scene and the result was almost always humorous and powerful!

    I pretty much laughed through the entire movie.  There are so many one-liners, smart comments, and just plain silly moments that you can’t help but laugh out loud.  Whether it was “boys will be boys” humor or witty jokes, I can promise you will laugh.

  3. You will be proud to be a woman!

    The AVENGERSCobie Smulder as Agent Maria Hill
    The female characters in this movie aren’t wimpy.  In fact if anything they are exactly the opposite.  They are smart, strong, and kick some serious butt!  I loved watching a movie that had such strong female leads. I could tell that the director Joss Whedon worked very hard to make sure the women in this movie were powerful and strong, and not needy or demanding.
  4. BONUS

    The men of Avengers!

Marvels The Avengers opens in Theaters everywhere May 4th!

Make sure you connect with Marvel’s The Avengers on Facebook & Twitter. You can still follow the event hashtag #TheAvengersEvent on Twitter!

Disclosure: Disney/Marvel provided me with an all expenses paid trip to New York City to attend an early screening of Marvel’s The Avengers. Any thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Non-watermarked photos are courtesy of Marvel/Disney media kits.

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    I love Joss Whedon and am a comic book nerd – will have to catch this one soon! I’ve only seen 2 movies in theaters in 4 years, it is so hard to make time when you have munchkins. :)



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