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We are now over four weeks into Camp Kidville and each week I learn something new about my son by watching him in class.  Recently I have learned that my little man needs creative outlets like art projects.

Art is beautiful, expressive, and fun, but did you know that it is also extremely important to your child’s development?  I have previously shared my “MomFession” that I don’t do nearly enough art at home with my son as I want or he needs.  Not only does art help my child develop his fine motor skills, it also allows for early forms of self expression, enhance creativity, and allows children to have control over the work they are creating.

Through art my son can learn to share his emotions in a non-verbal manner.  He can pick the colors and items that reflect his mood.  While he is only three, and may not realize this is what he is doing when he paints and colors a picture.  He has the ability to control exactly what goes onto his art project, when he wants help, when he wants to do it on his own, and be as creative as he can possibly imagine!

At Camp Kidville my son gets to do art twice a week in various forms, and not just one project a day.  Play dough, coloring, painting, foam art, glitter, and lots of texture goes into his art projects.  They may paint, color, glue, and sticker animal masks, and then turn around and get to “color on the wall”.  They could create the most fabulous window arts, and move onto molding foam dots into shapes.  All of these projects help my son learn and grow, express his toddler personality, and expand his creativity.

My son also learns from watching the other campers as they develop their art.  He learns from their expressions and creativity, and I love watching him interact and share with the other children.  Even if I was able to do as much art in our home as I wanted, I wouldn’t be able to provide the learning environment my son gets by listening to his teachers, and watching the other campers.  Art at Camp Kidville is helping him develop a sense of independence while learning to work with others.

Toddlers are little people with big questions.  I know that art helps my son to answer some of life’s questions and do so with passion, fun, creativity, and Camp Kidville is encouraging his love of art on a weekly basis.

There is still a ton of summer left to enjoy, and lots of Camp Kidville fun yet to be had!

To find out more about Kidville Camp contact Kidville Tivoli Village!
420 S. Rampart Blvd, Suite 130
Las Vegas, NV 89145

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

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