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I may not have even had my second child yet, but I am already thinking of ways to be more active post-baby.  One of the things I plan on doing a lot more of are morning walks.  I have always liked to do these, but now my son is asking to go on them more often, which I absolutely love.  While I won’t be cleared for real exercise for a few weeks post baby I can get out and walk around the neighborhood with my son.

I have to say, one of the things that is making him want to get out and walk with mommy are his new Reebok Kids ZigLight Electrify shoes.  They are super cool to my three year old, and he has decided that he can only wear them to workout in…

"Reebok Kids" "Reebok Shoes" "Family Fitness" "Shoes for Toddlers" "Active Kids" "Get After It"

(You know those moments when you don’t think your children are paying attention, well they are! My three year old has picked up on the fact that mommy has shoes she only wears for exercise and now my son does too!)

I have to admit, seeing his new “flying shoes” as he calls them, makes me really want a pair of my own, but I will wait until the late trimester pregnancy foot swelling goes down before I venture out to get my own pair!

About Reebok ZigLite Electrify

"Reebok Kids" "Reebok Shoes" "Family Fitness" "Shoes for Toddlers" "Active Kids" "Get After It"

These shoes have a unique zigzag sole and a bright, breathable upper.  They are extremely light, and really allow my son to do anything active while wearing them.  Whether he is walking with me, running like a crazy toddler, digging in the dirt, or jumping from boulder to boulder, he can do so knowing these shoes will keep up with him.  They seem to also have great grip to them!  At least that’s what my son tells me while he is climbing anything he can!

Whether baby comes tomorrow or waits until his due date, you can be sure within a few weeks of having this little boy, his big brother and I will be hitting the local pathways around our neighborhood with some super cool, and fun shoes!  After all, toddlers really know how to #GetAfterIt too!





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  1. says

    morning walks are so important in Vegas because it can quickly get way too hot to even step outside.

    I bought my daughter some “work out shoes” recently and I found that it made her want to be more active like mommy and daddy.


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