Holiday Gifts For Baby From Tiny Love @TinyLove_USA

It’s no secret that we love Tiny Love toys and baby gear in our household.  So with the holidays quickly approaching I thought it would be great to offer some ideas for holiday gift giving for baby.  Buying a gift for an infant can be daunting with all the toys on the market, but no matter what price range you are looking for Tiny Love has a perfect toy for every little baby in your life!

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Gifts for Baby" "Developmental Toys"

If you are looking for something small that will have a big impact check out the Tiny SMARTS Toys!

These on-the-go toys start at just $4.99 and range in price.  They can be clipped on to strollers, or played with on the go!  I personally love the ones that jingle or jitter when baby pulls them.  I remember my son would be fascinated by these for hours when he was a baby.  The cute Jittering Giraffe is the perfect small toy or stocking stuffer for any little baby.  Plus it helps encourage hand-eye coordination!  The Jittering Giraffe retails for $7.99.  We pulled it out for a baby friend who came over to play for a while and while he loved it, we had problems with my 3 year old stealing it and wanting to play with it.  He thought it was so funny that it shook.  Obviously he never got over the fascination with these toys!

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Gifts for Baby" "Developmental Toys" "Grasping Toys"

Another great toy for baby is the Sunny Stroll.  Retailing at $19.99 it is a great toy for a great price.  It is easily attached to a stroller or car seat and will provide hours of fun and enjoyment for baby.  The smiling sun makes everyone smile and baby is sure to enjoy pulling and turning all of the toys.  The toy has a flexible arch so it allows the toys to come down toward baby while they are playing with them, while it the toy remains anchored to your car seat or stroller.

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Gifts for Baby" "Developmental Toys"

Finally if you are looking for something a bit bigger for baby, try the Tiny Love Super Mat.  This mat is truly one of the best play-mats I have seen on the market.  The sheer size alone makes it something that will continue to grow with your infant.  The mat is 59×39 and can be used indoors and out!  It rolls up and has carry handles for easy portability!

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Gifts for Baby" "Developmental Toys" "Play Mat for Baby"

This mat features a extra toy ring to attach your Tiny Love on the go toys, a teether, a peek-a-boo elephant ear, a horn for baby to push, multiple textures, a pull in/put out crinkly pocket, a “pull me” spiral, and an adjustable mirror.  Plus the mat is big enough for both you and baby to sit on which makes it great for taking it outdoors and enjoying the sun.  Believe me, this mat is big! Check out my 41 inch tall 3 year old laying down on it!  He still has room at the top and bottom!  The Tiny Love Super Mat will grow with every baby making it a great gift and retails for $44.99.

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Gifts for Baby" "Developmental Toys" "Play Mat for Baby"

No matter what price range you are looking for, when it comes to great educational and fun toys for baby, Tiny Love has you covered this holiday season!  You can find Tiny Love on Facebook and Twitter!  Be sure to follow for great deals and announcements as new products come available!





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  1. says

    thanks for the review! Ever since i was pregnant I knew that tiny love had great quality products that I’d be using for my baby. and now that he’s 10 wks old he has a lot of their products! I’d love the super mat for christmas so that he can play ( i hear it’s big so that the baby can spread out :) Love it!


  2. Kristi Cartwright says

    Thanks for posting this review! I learned even more about why the Super Mat is awesome–besides that it’s adorable! :) They have lots of great products I didn’t know about and I enjoyed browsing their website, also.



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