A Baby Sprinkle for Baby Monster Truck!

I am truly blessed to have made some great friends in the time since I have had my son here in Las Vegas.  I have talked about the reasons why I didn’t have a baby shower with my first son, so when I got pregnant this time and three of my girl friends told me they wanted to host a sprinkle for me, I was pretty excited about it.

Just to spend time with my mom friends and celebrate this baby was an afternoon I was really excited for.  It wasn’t about the gifts (although I have to say, baby Monster Truck got some pretty cute outfits), it was about acknowledging this big life change that was about to happen.

Here are a few pictures that I got from that day!  It was a great afternoon and a great company.  I’m so thankful to all the friends who attended and made this day one I won’t soon forget.


Some highlights included:

Everyone signed the Little Golden Book I’m a Monster Truck for baby Monster Truck!

I'm a Monster Truck Book

The girls all started baby Monster Trucks college fund complete with his first piggy bank!  Everyone at the party guessed how much change was inside.  “Winner takes ALL!”  The winner took home a bottle of All Detergent! (How creative right!)


Those adorable little bags were the party favors and filled with Aqua and Orange Salt Water Taffy.  Aqua and Orange are two of the main colors in my son’s nursery!  I love the little elephant stamps and orange ties! So cute!!

Speaking of treats – there was certainly no shortage of those at the shower.  My Gestational Diabetes counselor told me I could have 1 cupcake… Let me tell you resisting having more than one of these handmade goodies was hard!  But the girls made sure there were plenty of food options that I could have, and since the shower was kid friendly there were even pb&jelly square sandwiches!

Baby Shower Goodies

I am lucky to have had such great friends to celebrate with!  I couldn’t have asked for a more fun afternoon!  Below, my son and the three lovely ladies who hosted the baby sprinkle!

Baby Shower

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    That was super nice of your friends to do. There’s a lot of great ideas from the baby sprinkle. I especially like the college fund one where winner gets a bottle of ALL detergent. The cupcakes are darling.



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