I went to the gym to get my hair done! #LifetimeFITSme!

When I first step foot into Lifetime Fitness nearly 5 months ago, I could NOT believe how much more than “Just Another Gym” Lifetime Fitness was.  Lifetime Fitness wasn’t going to just be about a place to get my workout on, it was going to be a sanctuary for me.  I loved that I can go there to have lunch, work, and even finally find time to go to the LifeSpa without worrying about where my child would be during said “me time”.

"LifeSpa Las Vegas" "Las Vegas Hair Salon" "Ombre Hair Color" "Blonde Ombre"

With my second child on the way in a few short weeks, I recently made an appointment to have my hair color done.  Yes, I color my hair.  But you probably (should) already know that!  With the new baby coming I wanted to have a color that would allow me more time in between my appointments with out blinding myself with my roots every time I looked into the mirror.

My stylist suggest a color trend called Ombre.

Now, you may not think you know what this is all about, but I guarantee you you have seen this color trend everywhere!

Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Whitney Young, Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson and so many more have been making this trend popular or years!

Basically, you have your roots which fade nicely into the color you desire instead of a solid line of dark hair growth as your roots grow. It gives you a more natural look, yet I can still maintain the bolder blonde hair color I like.

Here is my before:

(I hadn’t had my hair cut in several months and there were very few layers.  So it all hung heavy when I would style it curly.)

"Curly Hair" "Blonde"


"LifeSpa Las Vegas" "Las Vegas Hair Salon" "Ombre Hair Color" "Blonde Ombre" "Hair Foils"

And After:

"LifeSpa Las Vegas" "Las Vegas Hair Salon" "Ombre Hair Color" "Blonde Ombre"

Side View:

"LifeSpa Las Vegas" "Las Vegas Hair Salon" "Ombre Hair Color" "Blonde Ombre"

I LOVE the color she faded down my roots.  She actually still lightened my roots several shades, and added several highlights at the bottom. While this particular appointment was pricier than I would normally spend on my hair, my stylist really listened to my desire to have a color and style that would allow me to go longer between appointments.  I really look forward to continuing this color process and growing my hair out much longer.  I was in the salon for about 2.5 hours and was comfortable and able to relax the entire time.

I have to say I am really loving how this color is growing out.  Here is my hair styled the next day for my baby shower, and then taken again nearly 4 weeks later!

"Blonde Hair" "Mommy and Son" "Ombre Hair"

"40 weeks Pregnant" "40 week baby bump"

I look forward to continuing to utilize the services offered by Lifetime Fitness and other LifeSpa services.  I love how easy the make life for anyone with a busy schedule.  Lifetime Fitness truly does FIT ME!

Disclosure: This post has been compensated in part of an ongoing relationship with Lifetime Fitness.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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