Milk Diapers Re-Usable Nursing Pads and CozyBra Nursing Bra Review #Breastfeeding

If you are a first time mom, chances are you may not know the substantial ways in which your breast change when your breastfeeding.  You may have already grown a cup-size or two during pregnancy, but once your milk comes in after delivery it is a whole new ball game.  The public milk let-downs can leave you with large leak spots on your shirt, and your ever changing breasts are much bigger than you may be used to and certainly more tender!

With my first son, I not only spent a small fortune on disposable nursing pads I also ended up with so many nursing bras that didn’t work for me after a few months of breastfeeding because my breasts were no longer the size of cantaloupes and had adjusted to my baby’s needs.  But in the beginning when my milk came in I craved a comfortable bra that would not only support me, but change as my breasts did.  My pocket book is still cringing from the amount I spent on disposable pads.

Thankfully, a friend recommended I check out Milk Diapers during this pregnancy.

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Milk Diapers are mostly known for their fantastic and absorbent re-usable breast pads.  Their breast pads are made from 100% breathable cotton pads, and come in 4/5 layer protection or Moisture Guard Pads.  The Moisture Guard Pads have a layer of terry backed  polyurethane laminate which allows moisture and air to evaporate through its porous nature.

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I was able to check out a sample package of the pads.  I love that they are pre-shrunk so that I didn’t have any issues washing them.  I loved the darting in the pad that allowed for a great fit, and good air flow.  I did find that I preferred the Moisture Guard Pads for myself.  Since my baby is only 3 weeks old, my milk is still trying to adjust to his needs.  I let down a lot, and there for leak a lot.  The added layer of polyurethane laminate was very much appreciated and has saved me from several embarrassing public let-downs.  I suspect that the 4/5 layer pads will be perfect for later in my breastfeeding endeavor when I don’t spontaneously let-down.  In fact I liked them so much I just ordered some more!

I was also really excited to see that Milk Diapers has done something no other nursing support company has managed to do.  They created a nursing bra that is designed to change with you.  By adding 4 snaps on the chest band of The CozyBra, I am able to adjust it as my breasts change.   This is the ONLY nursing bra I own that comfortably accommodates all my needs as a breastfeeding mom. Perfect for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond!  Plus it is crazy comfortable with its soft cotton and lace straps.  Never once did I complain to my husband while wearing this bra, but I am pretty sure I have with 90% of my other nursing bras!


"CozyBra" "Nursing Bra" "Milk Diapers Nursing Bra" "Breastfeeding"

CozyBra..Breastfeeding…bonding, not binding!


  • Gentle support of our CozyBra, wrap each breast with soft cotton  fabric
  • Tear-drop bodice crosses over to snap in front under opposite breast
  • 4 snaps on chest band allows for changes during pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • 1 ¼” elastic chest band, fabric backed against the skin. Comfort always!
  • Quality 2″ stretch lace straps, easy on shoulders, self adjusting,  never slides
  • CozyBra is simple to reach, adjust and slide to the side when  breastfeeding
  • Slips on like a shirt, conforming to your shape and movement
  • Cotton knit fabric holds MILK DIAPER nursing pads easily in place!
  • NEW! Our Bra is now offered with sport back design and NEW classic straight back design.

You can buy these online at Milk Diapers.  The Nursing Pads start at $5.50, and the CozyBra retails for $20-$30.

You can also find Milk Diapers on Facebook!

Are you ready to quit wasting money on disposable pads and use a breastfeeding product that is good for you, the environment, and you pocket book? 

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