What’s in My Bag (and Baby’s Bag) | Labor & Delivery Version

So 39 weeks 4 days and my hospital bag is finally packed. (Insert Cheers here!)

I figured since I have written a what’s in my diaper bag, and even done a guest post on what’s in my gym bag, a what’s in my hospital bag was only logical!

The first time I went into the hospital I was laughed at by a nurse when we were checking out because we had so much stuff.  I would say 90% of it wasn’t used, while other things were clearly missing and my husband actually had to go out and get them.

This time around, I have been a lot more relaxed about what we are bringing.  I know the hospital will have a lot of supplies, and I plan on taking full advantage of that.  (Read – women’s sanitary supplies, and baby necessities.)

I am also packing my bag for a 3-4 day stay.  If I go into labor in the next 3 days I may get my VBAC and have a shorter stay, but I want to be planned and packed for a C/S stay so I don’t have to add extra supplies.

In My Bag:

CLOTHING:"Designer Maternity Gown" "Nursing Loungewear" "What's in Your Hospital Bag" "Packing for Labor and Delivery"

My Baby Be Mine Gownie – this is a cute version of the hospital labor gown.  I actually plan on using it post-baby.  I think it will help me feel a little more like myself and pulled together for visitors, while still giving me the easy access for all the things that go along with giving birth and breastfeeding.  I will bring a few pairs of c/s friendly underwear, but honestly I plan on using what the hospital gives me.

I am also packing my Baby Be Mine Nursing pajamas.  I don’t know if I will wear them, but they are crazy comfortable and have a waistband that is perfect for post baby.  Finally, a t-shirt and comfy maternity pants to wear home.  Nothing fancy, the focus is on comfort!

I am not packing any fuzzy socks, or extra clothes.  I don’t think I changed out of hospital socks or hospital gown the entire time I was there.  The grips on the bottom of the hospital socks were perfect for walking around for me.


I’m personally packing some shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, hair ties, hair clips, headband, hair brush, and unscented lotion.  I’m leaving my makeup and blow dryer at home.

BREASTFEEDING GEAR:Breastfeeding Essentials

My Brest Friend, my Undercover Mama tank top, 2 nursing bras (I bought myself a few Leading Lady seamless nursing bras recently), Lansinoh Lanolin, and a few breast pads in case my milk comes in earlier.  (Last time it came in on day 5.)


I will be packing my camera, my cell phone, my laptop (for uploading pictures while in the hospital!), all my chargers, and some DVDs to kill time while I’m in labor.  I also have a notepad and pen to write down anything I need to remember, a folder for hospital documents, and a bunch of change for my husband if he needs to hit up the vending machines.

I should mention if I thought it would still be tasty I’d totally be packing some lemon danish for after baby Monster Truck is born and I can eat it again!

In my baby’s bag:



In addition to his going home outfit (a sweet baby blue Ralph Lauren Polo layette set I found at Marshalls), I will have a few other outfits for him to wear if we are there longer than needed.  I will also be bringing my aden + anais swaddle blankets.  I love them so much, and they really do make the best swaddle blankets.  I will also have a few pairs of soft socks for baby.


Additionally, I will be packing a few different types of pacifiers. I know that with breastfeeding there are differing views on introducing a pacifier.  However, I would rather have them then want them and not have them.  If he is a champion breast feeder I will make the call to use the pacifier in the hospital.  I will be packing my son’s first monthly sticker “Just Born” for a picture as well!

Finally, baby Monster Truck has purchased a nice little gift for his big brother when he comes to the hospital to meet him.

What did you pack?  Do you think I am missing anything I should have?

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  1. says

    Nice! Mine is living in the car for the time being :) lol

    I have flip flops, black lounge pants, 2 nursing tanks, 1 nursing bra, maternity jeans and top to go home, underpants, fuzzy socks (these I TOTALLY used last time), lightweigt silk(ish) robe to go over the nursing tank if it’s chilly. SNACKS! :), travel toiletries, makeup (yes… I need at least foundation and mascara; I don’t want to hate all pictures from the hospital!)

    Outfit for her to come home in, presents for girls from baby, presents to baby from girls, camera, small laptop (maybe). I was there for 25 hours with #2 and I don’t plan on being there any longer than I have to with this one.


    Emily Reply:

    I ended up throwing in my face powder too once I thought about the pictures thing! Glad I did too!! Sounds like your bag is perfect too!! I hear you on the fuzzy sock thing. I think people are pretty 50/50 on this!


  2. says

    I think our bags are pretty similar. I packed too much last time but know what things I want to bring of my own this time around (like hygiene products) rather than use what the hospital provides… for my own comfort.


    Emily Reply:

    I think my bag was perfect – I pretty much used and needed exactly what I packed!! Congrats Mama!! X is gorgeous!


  3. says

    Glad you have a My Brest Friend. You will love it! And I wear my Undercover Mama almost every day. I need to get another one.


    Emily Reply:

    Oh I had it with my first son – best pillow hands down!! I use my Boppy for letting them hang out or tummy time, but this is awesome! <3


  4. says

    It looks like you’re all ready for your big day!! Here’s to an easy labor, fast recovery and healthy baby :)


    Emily Reply:

    Thank you Marcie – it was not an easy labor, but it was leaps and bounds better than my first delivery!! :)


  5. Kristi Cartwright says

    I just stumbled upon this last night and I am book-marking for your great hospital bag tips!! I am 32 weeks, 1 day and I know in a few weeks I’ll be going “now what should I put in this bag?!” Thanks in advance for helping with that daunting task & I’m praying baby boy is here happy & healthy, or will be very soon! :)


    Emily Reply:

    Thanks Kristi! I’m glad I was able to help. I must say – I actually did wear and like that I packed my comfy PJs (pants). I think last time with my first delivery bc it was a c/s I couldn’t fathom putting pants on – but this time the lounge pants and top were perfect!


    Emily Reply:

    PS – Good luck with your delivery!! :)



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