Baby Be Mine for Maternity, Nursing, & Layette | Review

One of the first things I remember when thinking back to my time in the hospital after the birth of my first son was how horrible the hospital gowns were.  They were just not very comfortable, and certainly didn’t do anything for anyone.  After spending 4 days in one, I couldn’t stand the thought of another hospital stay like that.

When I was packing my labor and delivery bag I was excited to include several items from Baby Be Mine to help make my hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

The first thing I did after the birth of my son was take a shower and put on my Gownie.

What’s a Gownie?

A Gownie is a designer hospital maternity gown that are the perfect alternative for any pregnant woman who wants to be comfortable yet stylish during labor. Approved by the hospital staff, these birthing gowns have snaps on the back to cover from top to bottom and have off the shoulder snaps on both sides for easy access for medical examination and breastfeeding.

Made with 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton, our maternity gowns combines fun and functionality just like our other maternity apparel. Available in 3 different sizes, these maternity hospital gowns will fit you perfectly. Now you know why these Gownies are so popular among celebrities and a must-have in every hospital bag.

While many women do choose to labor in these gowns, I wanted to save mine for my hospital stay.  I liked how easy it was to breastfeed in the gown, and knew that when my friends came to see me in the hospital I wouldn’t look so run down in the maternity gown that the hospital provides.

"Baby Be Mine" "Maternity" "Hospital Gown" "Delivery Gown" "Designer Materity Gowns"

It may be just a simple hospital gown, but to me it made me feel more pulled together, clean, and like myself.  Having a baby is a time of celebration, why should I wear what you have to wear when you are sick?  The Gownies are fun yet functional outfit for one of the happiest time in your life.  Since they come in both organic and regular cotton the price point is perfect for everyone.  I highly recommend looking into making sure you have one for your hospital stay or even delivering at home!  Gownies come in many different prints and start at $19.99,

Additionally I was able to bring the cutest layette outfit for Baby D.  Baby Be Mine offers polka dot layette gowns (in blue and pink) for your newborn with a matching hat.  I thought it was fun that we matched, and the nurses on the labor and delivery floor did too, as they kept popping by my room to see our matching outfits and complimenting me on the design of the Gownie!

"Baby Be Mine" "Layette" "Infant Sleep Sack" "Coming Home Outfit For baby"

Baby Be Mine also has clothing for nursing.  I packed a simple pair of nursing lounge wear in my hospital bag and have kept them in steady rotation at my home since. They are the most comfortable pajamas, allow me easy access when nursing Baby D, and best of all even after several washes the pants have not shrunk in length at all!  Every pajama I buy seems to have a  I have even worn the top out with jeans!  If they carried them in more colors I’d buy one of each!

"Nursing Tops" "Nursing Pajamas" "Breastfeeding"

In addition to the stylish Gownies, Layettes, and nursing lounge wear, Baby Be Mine also carries belly bands and maternity tops that also work as nursing tops.  It’s a great shop for moms during every trimester, delivery, and beyond!

You can find Baby Be Mine online, Facebook and Twitter!  Be sure to follow them for news of new products and sales!

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  1. says

    Gosh, I wish I would’ve known about these six months ago! Good to know they have nursing wear too though. I could always use more of that! Thanks for the review. Oh and you looked fantastic in that photo and your little guy is a cutie!


  2. says

    While I didn’t wear a hospital gown this would have looked so much cuter than my long tank top and pj pants! It was so hard to nurse. This is my first so now I’m definitely going to be prepared next time!


  3. christine jessamine says

    this is the ultimate baby shower giveaway, i love how the pictures look of the new baby with the mom. i would love to have something like this when i deliver


  4. Amanda Alvarado says

    I will definitely have to get me a gownie once I’m pregnant and about to deliver! I love those PJs too! I’d probably wear them now and I’m not pg or nursing!


  5. says

    I love that these are easy to use for breastfeeding and also at making you feel comfortable! I highly doubt I would have worn mine while giving birth either(:
    You and your little look so cute in your matching Gownie & Romper!



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