Babywearing with Baby K’tan

I first fell in love with babywearing with the birth of my first son.  There was something so familiar and natural about having him close to my body and nearest to my heart.  We continued our love affair with various types of carriers until my son turned 3, and I was pregnant with my second.  He was nearing 40 lbs and really didn’t want to be worn for more than a hike anymore.  Once my bump started to grow, I knew we were probably done, but I was anxiously looking forward to wearing my second son.

I’d heard about the Baby K’tan when my first son was a bit older, and knew that when this baby arrived I’d like to try it out.

About Baby K’tan:

"Baby K'tan" "Baby K'tan Review" "Babywearing" "Baby Carrier"

The Baby K’tan is a completely unique baby carrier.  It uses similar carries as the wrap, but needs no wrapping.  It has no buckles or clips, and is for babies 8-35lbs. There is an adjustable back support band for a high level of back support, and comes with a sash for added support and safety.

"Baby K'tan" "Baby K'tan Review" "Babywearing" "Baby Carrier"

It folds down really small into a small carrying case that easily fits into your diaper bag, and it is machine washable and dryer safe.

"Baby K'tan" "Baby K'tan Review" "Babywearing" "Baby Carrier"

Baby D at 3.5 weeks old!

What I love about the Baby K’tan:

Ease of use

This carrier is similar to the style of a wrap without needing to worry about wrapping.  It’s a wonderful carrier if you are just beginning your babywearing journey because it is really as simple as putting on a scarf.  In fact I know some scarf ties that are harder to get right that the Baby K’tan is.  Similarly, for moms who are familiar with babywearing, and even those who have previous wrapping experience will love this carrier because is so quick and easy.  With my son being so young, this carrier is currently always in my diaper bag.  I love knowing that anywhere, anytime, I can quickly pull out this carrier and have him securely in it in less than a minute.

"Baby K'tan" "Baby K'tan Review" "Babywearing" "Baby Carrier" "The Leaky Boob" "The Baby Guy NYC"

Wearing my Baby K’tan with Jessica of The Leaky Boob and Jamie of The Baby Guy NYC during MommyCon!

Variety of carries

  • Kangaroo is used for newborn to 4 months
  • Hug Carry is for when you baby is able to spread his legs (usually around 2-3 months depending on the baby)
  • Adventure, or forward facing is for when your baby has full head control (usually 5+ months).  I personally don’t advocate facing your baby forward, but some moms love it, and this is a carrier that can do that.
  • Explore carry is again for babies who have full head and body control.  While I didn’t have a Baby K’tan with my first son, we often did this carry in a ring sling.  It is a great alternative for parents who don’t want to forward face their baby.
  • Hip  and the Two-Hip carry are other favorites for babies older than 5 months.

Higher Weight Limit

Some stretchy wrap carriers don’t have a high weight limit.  as long as you are comfortable you can use this carrier until baby is 35 lbs.  Every baby is different, but I couldn’t see wearing my first son in this much past 6 months, he was well over 25lbs at that time and I needed something with a little more structure.  I do however look forward to many months of using the K’tan with Baby D!

Price & Variety

In addition to the 100% cotton carriers in several Baby K’tan also offers organic carriers and Breeze (50% mesh 50% cotton for summer and outdoor babywearing!) carriers.  Starting at $49.95 it is a carrier that you can buy without breaking the bank and fall in love with babywearing.

What I didn’t like:

My only complaint is that the carrier is very specific to size.  Which means that the size carrier you wear is unlikely to be the same size as your husband.  With that said even buying two K’tan’s for your family is less expensive than many other carriers you might purchase.

Bottom Line:

This is a carrier that every new mom should get.  It really is so user friendly.  This will be a gateway carrier for you if you are new to babywearing.  Don’t be surprised if it makes you want to learn more about wearing your sweet child.  Moms who already know and love babywearing should add this to their stash for a quick and easy carrier that they can have in their car or diaper bag when you need it.  Dads will love the ease of use and the neutral colors offered.  Add it to your baby shower wish list today!

You can find more information about Baby K’tan on their webpage, Facebook and Twitter!

What do you love about babywearing?

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  1. says

    Oh, that makes me miss my little guy being small enough to wear. Now he just throws a fit if I try to strap him to me. Enjoy it!


    Emily Reply:

    Thank you Jeannette. My older son is over being worn unless it’s the hiking backpack. :)


  2. says

    My cousin is due in less than a month and I’ve been thinking about getting her a carrier. This is great information, I will have to check out the K’tan a little more, thanks!


    Emily Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by Liza! Let me know if you have any other questions! :)


  3. Ronni Keller says

    I know babywearing is so hugely popular but I just don’t think I could do it. I think I like my ‘space’ too much :)
    That one looks quite safe and secure though! I’ve seen some and they scare me to even look at!!


    Emily Reply:

    It’s not for everyone, but it is a great way to be hands free and accomplish what you need to. :)


  4. One Southern Girl says

    I don’t have children of my own, but I’ve always enjoyed carrying my siblings around in a sling and I wish that we’d looked into other carriers when my youngest brother was diagnosed with leukemia… it would have been so much better for our backs and hips!


  5. Jodi T says

    I love the bond it promotes with my baby and the ability to be hands free since I am always busy!
    I like how the Baby K’tan folds up so small and would be easy to take everywhere in diaper bag…want one!!


  6. Jessica K says

    This looks so great. I’m planning on going back to work part time after this baby comes and having something super easy for the hubby to use while chasing around our toddler would be great.


  7. Samantha F. says

    I hadn’t really read much about this particular carrier before, I’m glad to see how well it works for a smaller baby and how reasonable the price is! Thanks for the review


  8. ASHLEY S says

    I have a Baby K’Tan and have been using it almost daily for the past 9 months. My kids are 22 months apart, so this makes outings on my own so much easier. :)


  9. Amy says

    I want a baby K’tan so bad! I have 2 slings, and they kill my shoulder within 30 minutes! The only store in my town that carries them only has XS and M, and of course I need a small. Every time I go to order one online, I manage to talk myself out of it because of the cost. Apparently I need the instant gratification of having it in my hand as soon as I buy it to justify the purchase, lol!



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