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In Las Vegas you are hard pressed not to know a friend or two that don’t have a pool in their back yard.  If you don’t there are a million places to go and beat the desert heat.  With Squishy turning 4 this summer, I really wanted to get him into swim lessons. Many places offer swim lessons, but I have to tell you I was thrilled with the options I had at Lifetime Fitness here in Summerlin.

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With group and individual lessons available and lessons nearly everyday of the week it was easy to find something that fit with my schedule.  During the months of November and December son was scheduled for Thursday evening individual lessons when we had a conflict come up.  Lifetime didn’t bat an eye at finding  a different slot for his class.  That is what I truly love about Lifetime Fitness.  Not only do they have a ton of classes and lessons for your whole family, but they offer them at times that work with every schedule.  I am not sure I’ve ever encountered that at a gym before.  No, I am sure.  I have never encountered that before, and I have been a member of quite a few gyms in my lifetime.

My son didn’t like his lessons at first.  He is 3.5 and scared of the water.  His instructor worked with him to calm him down and get him excited about being in the water.  At one particularly rough lesson, my son cried for the first 10 minutes.  Then all of the sudden he was laughing.  Turns out she told him to be a car and race.  As his mother, I can say the same tantrum has taken me twice as long to find a break through.  I felt confident the instructor while young, was comfortable working with him whether he was going to cry or be easily distracted.

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Another thing I really loved about lessons at Lifetime Fitness was the one time my son’s instructor was going to be out sick, I was called ahead of time and asked if I wanted to reschedule or if my son would be okay with another instructor.  They didn’t want us to show up and have my son be upset by the sudden change.  I appreciated their concern for my son and our time.

Finally, the swim lessons were extremely well priced.  I had looked at several other places before signing up at Lifetime Fitness, and the price while not the least expensive, was very far from the most expensive option.

We took a month off of swim lessons this January in order to adjust to life with Baby D, and already my son is asking to go back to his lessons.  I know he is enjoying them, and I look forward to seeing his progress as we continue!

Disclosure: This post is part of an ongoing partnership with Lifetime Fitness.  While I was provided services all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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