Meet Mixie – Baby Bottle Brilliance

Guest Review By: Michelle S.

As a mother who recently transitioned from breastfeeding to formula feeding my daughter, my husband and I have had a first-hand experience with baby formula sticker shock. Wow. That perfect powder needs to be accounted for like a household bill.  The only experience more traumatizing than paying the sizable formula bill at the register, is the feeling when I must dispose of “expired,” mixed formula because it was out too long.

The above situation is all too familiar for many families on the go. No one wants to leave the house and have an infant meltdown in the middle of the grocery store, post office, or on a long road trip so we prep our bottles, only to have to throw away any unused milk an hour or two later. Well, the waste stops here ladies!

Meet Mixie.

Mixie is the first baby formula bottle that can be fixed now and mixed later.

"Mixie" "Baby Bottle" "Formula Feeding" "Baby"
This brilliant baby must-have  houses a formula compartment where you can measure out the desired amount of formula powder and seal it until you need it. Once sealed you add the appropriate amount of water to the main bottle reservoir and you can head out the door.  A ready bottle is now on standby because, as the Mixie team says, “Hunger has not patients.”

When baby is ready for bottle, you simply push an easy-release button at the bottom of the bottle, popping off the lid to the formula compartment and voilà, the water and formula mix. The lid to the formula compartment acts as a free-floating agitator, mixing the formula thoroughly to avoid clumping.

Not only is the stylish bottle functional, but safe – made with BPA-Phthalates-PVC Free materials. And because babies come in all sizes, it is  offered in both 8 and 4 ounce sizes. As an added bonus, it is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

We love Mixie! On the weekends  I take my daughter to Gymboree. I always feed her before we go, but if there are errands to run afterwards, the trip can be a little bit of an outing so I always choose to be armed with formula in the wings. With the Mixie, I take just a couple of minutes to prep and then we’re out the door, with by baby’s mid-morning snack on standby and no-risk of wasting pre-prepped milk.

"Mixie" "Baby Bottle" "Formula Feeding" "Baby"
Filling the formula compartment.

"Mixie" "Baby Bottle" "Formula Feeding" "Baby"

Adding the appropriate amount of water

"Mixie" "Baby Bottle" "Formula Feeding" "Baby" "Diaper Bag"

All packed up and ready to tackle the day!

I love that even with the larger size I can make a 4 or 8 oz bottle. Formula is just too expensive to waste. She seems to latch onto the nipple just fine and we love that it came with a higher flow options. Prior to the Mixie, my LO had consistently only used one type of bottle. I was a little worried about her holding it because the Mixie bottle does have a bit of weight to it, but she had no problem slugin’ it down.

"Mixie" "Baby Bottle" "Formula Feeding" "Baby"

When it comes time to clean it, I love that every piece comes apart so you can assure it is fabulously clean. I am old-fashioned and still boil my bottles between uses and everything fared well.

"Mixie" "Baby Bottle" "Formula Feeding" "Baby"

Mixie is a new member of our family.

You can find Mixie on Facebook and Twitter.

About the blogger:

Michelle S is a working mom living in Henderson, Nevada. She enjoys sports, travel, wine, family time and chronicling it all on her Blog Our Family Our Love.

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    So I assume the lid doesn’t get in the way of drinking? It just looks kind if big. I have to say – sticker shock is one reason I nurse as long as possible! So expensive and then tossing it out, what a guilty feeling I always get.



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