Baby D Update | 3 Months Old

Okay, really!  Does time EVER slow down?  Why is it that the first three months of your pregnancy seem like the absolute longest months ever, and yet the first three months of your baby’s life go by in the blink of an eye?

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Baby D has grown leaps and bounds since his two month update, and is cuter than ever! I may be a bit biased…  He is just the happiest little baby, who seems to have a smile on his face 95% of the time.  The other 5% he is screaming bloody murder.  While it doesn’t usually last long, this little boy turns beet red and demands to get what he wants when he wants it.  I don’t know who he gets his stubborn streak from… and secretly I love it.  He is a second child, and if we follow our family plan he will be a middle child.  As the second/middle child myself I love to hear him making his presence known.  With a larger than life personality like his brother’s he needs to!

Speaking of brothers, seriously you guys, these two are so infatuated with each other it makes my heart sing.  K is constantly letting me know when Baby D needs something.  He gives him toys, sings to him, and is by his side whenever he can be.  The love goes both ways.  Baby D spends a good half of his day with eyes only for his brother.  He watches everything K does and I am betting it won’t be long until he is tailing right behind him.  I just adore their love.

"Brothers" "Sibling Love" "Happy Baby" "Toddler" "New Baby"

At 3 Months Old Baby D:

"montly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones"

  • Loves to blow bubbles!  Bubbles all day!
  • Can roll belly to back.
  • Has found his voice and spends his days learning to use it.  The talking and babbles are super cute.

"monthly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones"

  • Noms on his hands constantly and drools a ton… I can’t help but wonder if teeth aren’t too far off.  His big brother got them at the end of month 4.
  • Bats at toys, and brings them to his mouth from time to time.
  • Has the cutest fluff of hair.  Most days it is blond, but it also looks redish.  His eyes are still dark blue.  I wonder if they will stay blue or turn hazel like his daddy’s eyes.

"monthly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones"

  • Giggles full belly laughs.  Baby D is very ticklish, and loves laughing at silly noises and silly people.
  • Is starting to show signs of being a mama’s boy.  He has refused bottles from his Daddy and the few times I have ventured out for more than an hour or two he has given my husband a run for his money… Secretly I love this since K never had separation anxiety, but I know this could be difficult in the months to come especially with the looming deployment.

"monthly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones"

  • Sleeps like a champ… most nights.  Most nights he sleeps from 10pm-730am with one sleepy nursing session around 1am.  At least 1-2 times a week though he wakes up every 3 hours to eat.  I’m not quite sure what that is about.
  • He has officially met everyone in his close extended family including his Aunt and Godmother my sister Amanda this last month.  We love family visiting here in Las Vegas.

"monthly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones"

  • Is a champion cuddle bug.  Thank goodness for my baby carriers!
  • Loves sleeping with his blanket against/over his face.  It is pretty much a secondary pacifier.  Thank goodness for my aden+anais muslin swaddle blankets.  I don’t know who is the bigger fan Baby D or me!  His brother was also like this at 3 months old, except that he loved his lovey’s.

"monthly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones"

  • Is very efficient at eating… So much so I actually asked if nursing for only 5-10 minutes is normal.  I guess he’s either super efficient or I have a very fast letdown.  Either way, I’m not complaining considering I spent the first 8+ weeks in pain every time he nursed.
  • Has cheeks galore!  And neck rolls.  Lots and lots of neck rolls!

"monthly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones"

  • Tries to stand and his always pushing up with his strong legs.
  • Turns towards lights and sound.
  • Loves tummy time and can do pushups  This one is new to me! I don’t think I’ve ever met a baby who enjoys tummy time as much as this kid does!

"monthly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones"

  • Has begun to really come into his own.  I have noticed this month he looks less like his big brother and more like my husband’s twin!

"monthly baby stickers" "Baby" "Newborn" "3 month old" "3 month milestones" "siblinngs"

Baby D on the left – Baby K on the right

I wish I could slow the days down a little bit, but I just can’t wait to see what the coming months are going to bring for Baby D!

Love you Baby D!

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