Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer | Must Have Baby Gear for the First Year

I’m a huge fan of wearing my baby.  But even I can’t wear him all day.  There are times that I need my hands and my body free, and in those moments I love my Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer.  This bouncer is unlike any other on the market.  This bouncer grows with your baby perfect for ages 0-12 months!

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With it’s adjustable toy arms, playtime is a blast, but when it’s time to sleep or get baby in and out of the bouncer there is no need for acrobatics to get your baby around the toy bar, these activity arches adjust all the way to the floor if you need them too!

Product Features:

  • Exclusive adjustable arches for multiple positions.
  • Hanging toys can be easily moved along the arches.
  • Open arch position for easy parental access.
  • Baby-activated lights and music stand-alone crab toy.

When baby is smaller they will enjoy the toys being close so they can observe the colors and shapes.  As they grow there are 3 separate places on the activity arms to hang toys with in baby’s reach so they can interact with them.  The Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer also comes with an adorable musical crab that has fun colors.

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Must Have Baby Products" "Baby Bouncer"

You can set it to play automatically, or be baby activated.  All baby needs to do is reach out and grab the star to activate the music.

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Must Have Baby Products" "Baby Bouncer"

This bouncer also has two seat positions.  One upright perfect for play, and another more reclined for a comfortable nap.

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Must Have Baby Products" "Baby Bouncer"

As baby moves and play they are bound to be lulled by the bouncing movements of the bouncer.  When your baby falls asleep as they are sure to do, simply lower the bouncer into the reclined position and pull away or lower the activity arms completely for a peaceful nap.

"Tiny Love" Baby Toys" "Toys for Baby" "Must Have Baby Products" "Baby Bouncer"

The Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer retails for $54.99.  There are so many options when it comes to baby gear on the market.  When I am buying something for my family I look for the longevity of the product.  I love that this bouncer grows with baby for the whole first year.  My baby is now 3 months and he is just starting to interact with the toys and pull them to him.  I can see this continuing to be a favorite place to play for many more months to come.

When it comes to baby gear and toys, Tiny Love is a favorite in our home because of the innovate products they continue to produce.  Make sure you are following Tiny Love on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on all things baby and fun!

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  1. says

    Very cute! The other day I was asking my husband if he remembered the bouncer we used to have for the girls, and he was looked at me like I was crazy. He kept thinking I was talking about a jumper. How foolish of me to think he would know the difference between the two.


  2. says

    I’m convinced that bouncers are just as mandatory as car seats. We used our bouncers until they fell apart! My kids slept in them as newborns, I put them in when I showered, put on my make up, did my hair and all those thrilling things moms do on a daily basis.


  3. Carol L says

    Love your pics. He’s adorable. I’m amazed with how far these products have evolved since raising my own 7.
    Love the open arch feature for the parents to get to baby easier.
    Carol L


  4. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love the position of the “arms” on this bouncer! I like that they can be moved out of the way instead of completely taken off to get your baby out!


  5. Teresa Herrera-Honores says

    i love the double recline, the adjustable arms, the hanging crab toy with the lights and music i love it!


  6. JennaJennyJen says

    this seems like the perfect baby accessory! i love that you can fold the arms down & have it be the perfect napping spot too!



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