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Hello everyone! It’s Samantha, and I am back with an awesome review of an new product line from aden+anais called mum+bub!

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About mum+bub:

mum+bub a naturally-derived, pawpaw fruit infused skin care collection for baby & you.

Gentle enough for baby, yet sophisticated enough for you, mum + bub™ is infused with fresh, fermented pawpaw fruit and was formulated with the help of Ellen Gendler, M.D., a leading New York City dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic contact dermatitis. Known for decades in Australia for its skin care benefits, pawpaw fruit relieves, cleanses and protects skin when applied topically.

Free of: phytoestrogen + parabens + added hormone disrupters + petroleum oils + phthalates + dioxanes from sulfates + gluten and soy + petrochemicals + DEA + artificial colors.

Made in the USA.

My Review:

I had the privilege of reviewing 3 mum+bub products and boy oh boy are they some AWESOME products! I have heard of aden+anais, but mainly because of their swaddle blankets. I never knew they made a skin care line until I was sent the 3 products! My boys and I had fun sampling the mum+bub soothing ointment, mum+bub hair+body wash and the mum+bub lotion.


We started out with the mum+bub hair+body wash.  Jacob, my 4 year old, thought it was pretty cool that the container had a pump top that he could work himself!  I first noticed the wonderful sent that the product had.  It was nice and light, not to strong, yet just enough to give a very refreshing clean smell.  I of course loved it because it is an all-in-one product, and lets face it when washing little ones, the less products you have to use to get them clean the better!

Once out of the bath, we moved onto the lotion.  We are not a family that uses a lot of lotion, so I am particularly picky when it comes to lotions that I will buy.  I don’t like ones that leave you feeling greasy, or ones that make you feel like you have a thick paste on your skin.  Thankfully the mum+bub lotion was up to my standards and was a really nice lotion to use.  Both my boys enjoyed getting all lotion-ed up after their baths.  I even enjoyed it on my hands.

The final product I used was the mum+bub calming ointment.  I wasn’t to sure what I was going to use this on, and then a couple days later the skin on my elbow cracked.  This happens to me a couple times a year and I usually have to slather it with some kind of lotion and cover it with the largest band aid I can find.  I decided to give the calming ointment a try and it worked wonders!

"Calming Ointment" "Mum+Bub" "aden+anais" "lotion"As you cans see from the pictures, my skin was very dry and cracked. With just a few days of using the calming ointment and the cracked skin was healed!  The only thing I was not a fan of was when first applying the ointment it was a little greasy, however after I got it rubbed in that feeling went away.  I never had issues with it rubbing off on my clothes.  And after all it is an ointment so that greasy feeling didn’t surprise me to much.

Overall these three mum+bub by aden+anais products is that they are awesome products that I will continue to buy for my family!

Buy It:

You can find the mum+bub products on their website, each retailing for $15.95.


You can follow aden+anais to stay on top of all their new products!

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