3 Must Have Baby Teething Products!

Products were provided to me to facilitate this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. If I don’t use it I won’t recommend it.

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Baby D got his first tooth this month, and we are currently waiting for tooth number 2 to pop out any day.  He is super cranky, super drooly, and gumming everything that crosses his path.  While teething is clearly a process baby can not avoid, there are still plenty of products on the market that do actually make the process a little easier to get through. In the past I have blogged about 10 tips for a teething babies, but what products do you need to have on hand when your baby starts showing signs of teeth?

These are my 3 essentials for teething baby!

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace!

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Teething necklaces, like this one from Momma Goose, are made from Baltic Amber.  Baltic amber contains a natural analgesic which supposedly will be absorbed through your skin to relieve pain. They come in various lengths, styles, colors, and polished or unpolished amber. Some people think certain colors or finishes will be more effective for your baby.  I personally think you should just go with the one you like the best.  We picked an unpolished necklace for Baby D.  I liked the Momma Goose necklaces because they come with a break-away clasp.  So if you baby does ever catch it on something, it will break away from them instantly.  (Baby D has had his on for nearly 2 months now, and has never caught it on anything, but the piece of mind is nice to have.)

With my first son I didn’t buy one until he was nearly 14 months old.  By that time he was far too interested in the new thing on his neck to leave it alone and get the benefits from it.  I highly recommend getting one on baby as soon as they start showing signs of teething.  With Baby D we got one on him just after he turned 5 months, but even as early as 3 months could have benefits!

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Baby Bibs!

Once your little baby starts teething, chances are you are going to need a bib or risk having to change baby’s outfit again!

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I’m not a big fan of traditional bibs.  They tend to be super cheap, shrink up in the wash, and not really all that cute. They work fine, but ended up buying a lot of cheap bibs with my first son instead of just buying a few quality but still affordable bibs.  I like a bib that has a bit of style while doing it’s job.  When we are having extra drooly days we reach for the Bazzle Baby Bandabib.

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It’s a bandana style bib with a layer of cute cotton fabric backed with a layer of terry cloth to help sop up all that baby is drooling out!  I love the patterns – too cute in my opinion!  So much so that I just ordered that three pack of star bibs for Baby D!  He is now fully stocked in bandana style bibs.  If you like the patterns, but aren’t a fan of the bandana style – no worries! Bazzle Baby also carries traditional rectangle bibs in regular and large styles.

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Teething Toys:

There are a lot of different teething toys on the market, and I own a lot of them. When I am looking for a teether for my son I have a lot of requirements for what I consider to be a great teether.

I want something:

  • easy to hold on to
  • bright to keep his attention
  • super chewy that he can gnaw on for hours on end
  • easy to clean
  • small enough to go anywhere

One of my favorite teethers that hits all of these requirements are the new Mulberry teethers from the maker of Chewbeads.  They are 100% silicon and are perfect for teething.  They are soft on the gums and new teeth, but still help baby to really work those teeth!  It’s the perfect size to toss in my diaper bag and bring anywhere with us.

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The colors are bright and fun, and Baby D adores chewing on it.  It is a simple round shape which makes it really easy for him to grab and hold on to it.

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Still looking for more information on teething?  Check out my 6 tips for a teething tot!

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  1. says

    It’s been a long while since I have had a baby, and I have never heard of a teething necklace before.


    Emily Reply:

    Amber necklaces can be used not only on babies but anyone with any inflammation issues! :)


  2. says

    I’ve heard people rave and rave about amber necklaces, but it has never worked for my daughter for some reason. :(


    Emily Reply:

    Oh no! Poor baby! Teething is such a hard thing to help with!


  3. says

    I had a teething necklace when my baby started teething and I loved it!! Unfortunately at about a year he started chewing and tugging on it so I had to take it off. He is 18 months and has been teething like crazy over the past two weeks and is completely miserable. I wish there was more I could do for him. Oh, and those bibs are adorable!


  4. says

    I always hear great things about the amber teething necklaces, but I heard of no such thing 7 years ago when JAM was a wee one. I absolutely adore the bandabibs! My nephew isn’t teething quite yet but he’s starting to get all drooly. Might just have to pick one up!



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