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I knew after wearing the lillebaby for one day that this carrier was super smart!  The lillebaby COMPLETE baby carrier has so many awesome features that I want to share it with everyone!  Lucky for me one of the coolest parts of my job is that I get to do exactly that!

I’m SO excited to be giving away a lillebaby COMPLETE baby carrier of your choice!


Are you a true Original?  That’s great! There are 4 gorgeous colored carriers for you to pick!

Feeling Organic?  I feel you! I went there, it’s probably the softest carrier in my babywearing closet.  Plus there are 3 fun colors to pick from!

More of a go with the Flow type of parent?  Check out the airflow – a completely mesh breathable, yet still super supportive baby carrier!

No matter what carrier you pick you will fall in love with lillebaby!


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Please use the below Rafflecopter form to enter.  Giveaway open to US/CAN.
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PSST!  Can’t wait to see if you are going to win this carrier?  Use code familynlifelv20 for 20% off the lillebaby carrier of choice!


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  1. Carly says

    I love Babywearing because it lets me be hands free while still being close to my baby. I can nurse, cook dinner, grocery shop, etc. All of this without having to out my sweet girl down. I’m a sucker for soft fabric, so if I won, I’d definitely chose the organic carrier :)


  2. seiw says

    I am totally hankering after a lillebaby! Have been checking them out since I first got pregnant, now with the baby almost due it’s really time to get my hands on one! Airflow all the way for these crazy hot nor cal summers!


  3. Katie Conn says

    I love babywearing because with twins you always need your hands free now with expecting baby 3 I would love a super soft and supportive carrier! I’d definitely go after the organic like the one I have saw all over your Instagram! :)


  4. Elizabeth says

    I love baby wearing because my babies are so much happier when I’m holding them and my hands are free to take care of my other sweeties :)


  5. Tina T says

    I love the bond you share with your children while carrying them! Also the learning and nurturing benefits are endless! I love the lillébaby complete organic!


  6. Allison Robinson says

    I love the closeness of Babywearing. My little feels extra safe and snug when I’m wearing him and it makes breastfeeding a breeze. I have a 4 year old who would also benefit from this carrier!! He wants his dad to wear him on his back and none of our current carriers allow for this. I would love the organic green medow. It’s so pretty yet a color my husband wouldn’t mind wearing!


  7. Bianca says

    I don’t have a “favorite” baby carrying reason because this is my first bio baby, I love the idea of having them close to you always :) I love the organic green carrier it is absolutely gorgeous!!!


  8. Brandy Luangrath says

    My favorite thing about baby wearing is still being able to snuggle up with my youngest while still being hands free to care for my oldest. I think if I were to win I would go with the organic. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


  9. Holly Howe says

    I am pregnant with our first baby so I haven’t got to experience baby wearing yet but I think it would be great to strengthen the parent/child bond & still be hands free so you can get stuff done. If I were to win I’d probably go with the airflow because it’s HOT here in AZ :)


  10. Rachelle Freeman says

    I love baby wearing because it gives me a chance to be closer and bond with my child even when we are out and about. And I love the lillebaby complete carrier!


  11. Dallas says

    I like knowing that my kids are safe with me. Being able to sneak quick kisses while they’re sleeping definitely is a major plus too! It’s also really amazing to me how many people I’ve been able to meet through wearing my kids. Whether it’s bonding with other mommies over the types of carriers that we own, introducing others to my addiction, or having someone reminiscence about wearing their babies and then telling me that their baby is now 17, it’s always interesting!

    I’m torn on which one I would get. I think the blue/silver airflow would probably be the most practical for the weather here, but I really like both the orange/cream original (just the name makes me think of the sodas!) and the organic blue moonlight.


  12. Adrienne says

    I LOVE being able to keep up with the 5yo and incorporate baby into our active family life. Unfortunately, my babies are furnaces!!! So I would LOVE the Airflow!!!


  13. Tracie D says

    I love baby wearing because it lets you get in some snuggles and get stuff done. I also would love to have one for all the summer festivals and for that reason I’d choose the air


  14. Lynda Thomas says

    I haven’t done babywearing much yet, but I would love to be able to! I love that I could have my hands/arms free to take care of things while still keeping my little guys close and comfy! :) I would choose the líllébaby® COMPLETE Organic Toffee! :)


  15. Amie Norris says

    I love babywearing because it meets our needs. Babies need to be close to mamas, mamas need to be close to babies. :) And I would choose organic toffy, because brown hides a lot!


  16. Kerry says

    I’m getting ready to have my first baby so i have no opinions on carrying a baby but I KNOW its something I will be doing all the time, keep my lil love close :)


  17. says

    Mostly hands free bonding, saving my back because his weight is better distributed, going for a walk without the stroller. So many possibilities. I’d get the organic in meadow green


  18. Tannis W says

    I like that babywearing allows you to spend time with your child and you can still get some things done because your hands are free!
    I think I’d like the complete organic blue moonlight carrier.


  19. Marsha Hester says

    I am loving your blog (which I just found 20mins ago). I am new to baby wearing and would love to win the air flow one (its way to hot in Las Vegas). I just learned that one baby carrier I have is recalled :( and the other is not developmentally good due to the way baby’s legs sit. :(

    Now to go read through your blog since I am fairly new to Las Vegas and want to read about it in your blog.


  20. Melissa McKenna says

    I love the closeness of baby wearing. It also helps me have my hands free to chase my 16 month old! I would probably choose the mesh carrier because my 3 month old is a hot box!


  21. Sabrina Radke says

    I would love the organic green meadow! I love that babywearing keeps me close to my babies and when my teen wears my baby both my boys are close!


  22. Amy F says

    I look forward to babywearing because baby can be upright and see the world around them better. I love the airflow in gray!


  23. Chaeli Meerman says

    Would really like to try out a Lillebaby carrier to help with back problems. Other carriers just aren’t comfortable.


  24. Tina says

    I love being able to “hold” my snuggly baby while still being able to get things done! I would choose the Organic-Green Meadow.


  25. Christina Brundick says

    I love babywearing,it wasn’t nearly as popular when my 13 yr old was born. But when I discovered it while pregnant w/ my 2 yr old it fed right into my attachment parenting ideals. I saw too many friends leave babies in the car seats,babywearing is a much closer bond.


  26. Brenna McManus says

    the closeness and ease of baby wearing is my favorite. I can still be doing skin to skin while cleaning the house or taking care of older siblings.


  27. Crystal Grissam says

    I love that baby wearing keeps me hands free so that it is easier to deal with my other kiddos. My favorite part about baby wearing is that it is comforting to both baby and I. It allows me to constantly snuggle. :)


  28. Emily deVeer says

    I love how secure and confident my daughter feels when I am wearing her in her wrap. She can see everything, but still feels me and knows that I am there for her. She is happier and more alert in her wrap. Being hands-free at the grocery store is a big plus too! Most of my household chores would never get done if I hadn’t found babywearing! I would choose the Airflow because we live in Louisiana and it gets super hot here in the summer!


  29. Denise Ri says

    I love baby wearing just for the simple fact of being close to my precious babies! If I won, I’d choose the organic Blue Moonlight.


  30. Lorianne says

    My favorite part of babywearing is bonding with my baby. And its a bonus that you can grocery shop, run errands, chores, and cook too!


  31. Chris johnson says

    My favorite part of baby wearing is knowing my son is safe and secure in my arms, the safest place he can be. Especially in big crowds I know I can protect him best from getting jostled or bumped when he’s in our COMPLETE. That being said, I’d like to win the airflow, for safe protection along with ventilation!


  32. Taleah says

    I love baby wearing cause I can keep my child close and still have my hands free. I’d like to get the air flow baby carrier.


  33. Cabrina says

    I love babywearing because it allows me to get things done around the house while still bonding with my daughter. It’s hard to decide between the organic and the airflow, love the green meadow color of the organic but the breathability of the airflow would be great for the summer.


  34. Becky Worthman says

    My Bit has to be close to me 24/7 to be happy (makes sense) but with baby wearing I’m not stuck in one place and can move around hands free.


  35. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love the closeness and snuggling that you get when babywearing! I’d love the Organic –
    Blue Moonlight carrier


  36. Tiffany says

    I love the idea of always being able to be close to lo, with 3 others and just about always on the go its nice not having to bring out the stroller.


  37. says

    My favorite part of baby-wearing would be the ability to keep my son close by while doing chores or running errands, and not having to worry about him being in another room or out of eyesight! I also have persistent back pain and sometimes it’s too much when he wants to be carried. This would definitely help relieve that!


  38. says

    I love the convenience of babywearing. With a baby and a toddler, I’d never get anything done without my carrier! I’d pick the Organic Blue Moonlight carrier.


  39. Cara says

    I have been jonesing for the Lillebaby Complete for sometime now and just can’t make a final decision between the Airflow or the Organic Green Meadow. I love all the options that the Lillebaby Complete gives; brings babywearing to a great new level, and I can bond with my little one while we are on the go!!!


  40. jeannine s says

    I find babywearing is much easier then stroller. I don’t have to worry about fitting down ailses in stores, someone snatching them


  41. Christina Strapp says

    I wish I knew more about baby wearing when I had my daughter. I would like to baby wear when we have our next child. I think I would pick the Airflow Grey/Silver.


  42. says

    My kids are close in age (about a year and a half apart) and babywearing has saved my life! It helps me keep track of my younger one while I chase her brother, or let my kids nap while I run errands, and having a toddler on my back while I grocery shop is a great workout, lol. The original is calling to me, I LOVE that purple!!


  43. Vanessa Coker says

    I love that it keeps baby close and is so nice for breastfeeding in it while out and about. My favorite carrier is the Original – Warm Orange/Cream.


  44. Michael Lambert says

    This would be great for our next child because our first one had severe reflux and constantly wanted to be held. The one I like is the Organic -Green Meadow.


  45. Ashish G says

    I would choose either the Organic or Original. I really like the facts that lillebaby Complete product line is ergonomic for the baby as well as the carrier(parents :-) ).


  46. Laura S says

    I love wearing the littlest so I can have both hands free to deal with the older 2 kids! I’m not sure which carrier I would pick I’d I won. Either the airflow or the organic.


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