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When it comes to babywearing I have a lot of carriers.  I started wearing my babies when my first son was born, and really love having a variety of carriers to go to for different needs.  However, not everyone can or wants to have a lot of baby carriers lying around.  If you are looking for one carrier that can take you from newborn until you are done babywearing you need to check out the lillebaby (pronounced lilla baby) COMPLETE baby carrier.  Since it claims to be a COMPLETE carrier from birth to 45lbs I put it through a complete review!

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If you don’t want to read my full review – watch my video!

I discovered lillebaby at the spring ABC Kids Expo here in Las Vegas this past May.  I had seen the old lillebaby when my first son was young so I wasn’t expecting too much from this carrier.  (Boy was I wrong!)

It was there I learned that lillebaby recently got a brand new makeover.  After years of being part of another company, the creator of lillebaby took the carrier back over and redesigned it be a complete carrier.

I was given the Organic lillebaby COMPLETE carrier in Green Meadow to try out, and it was love at first touch for Baby D.  I don’t blame him because this carrier is crazy soft.  My baby loves to rub his face on the material while he is trying to fall asleep.  I consider this high praise from Baby D who has refused to sleep without some sort of super soft cotton against his face since birth. They also have the Original and Air Flow carriers.

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This carrier can be worn in several different ways from Newborn(7lbs) to 45lbs.

Types of Carries:

  • Fetal Carry – for Newborns to 3 months
  • Parent Facing Front Carry (baby facing in) – This can be done with newborns to 6 months using the narrow infant seat.  6+ months can also do a parent facing carry with either the narrow infant seat or wide seat creating a safe seat for all ages.  When your child is closer to toddler age you can add stirrups to make sure your child has a good seat while facing in.
  • Forward Facing Out Carry – Babies as young as 4 months but usually closer to 5-6 months can do the forward facing out carry.  The lillebaby’s seat is wider than other carriers that allow baby to face out. The unique seat in the lillebaby allows baby’s legs to naturally spread apart in the front forward position, as recommended by hip dysplasia experts. The cupped seat also facilitates a natural rounded back position.
  • Hip Carry – Recommended for babies with good head control baby can be worn on either hip this is a great alternative to the forward facing out carry for parents that don’t want to carry that way.  Baby can see the world while being close to mom or dad.  Depending on babies age and size you can either do narrow infant seat or wide seat for this carry.
  • Back Carry – Starting at 6+ months baby really wants to see the world and reaches out to grab everything around them. This is a great time to introduce the back carry.  This carry allows the user to really have two free hands. I personally love it for cooking, cleaning, or when I’m out with my older son and he wants my full attention without his brother in the way.

The great thing about a carrier with multiple carries is that you can really figure out what works for you and baby.  For instance if you purchase a carrier that only allows baby to forward face, you may never know the joys of baby snuggling against your chest, or the adventures you can have in a back carry.  I personally can not get the hip carry comfortable for me. I do hip carries in other carriers, but I can’t get a good enough fit for longer hip carrying.  However, I LOVE this carrier for wearing baby on front.  Around this age with my older son I found myself doing it less and less because of his weight.  Baby D is 22 lbs and I can still comfortably wear him on the front of me thanks to the lumbar support on this carrier.  The lumbar support really makes a big difference especially when wearing baby for longer periods of time!  I am not sore at all after wearing Baby D in my lillebaby.  The lumbar support is only the beginning of the added features I love about the lillebaby COMPLETE.

Features I Love:

The Easy to Adjust Seat.  If you have a newborn you can easily adjust the lillebaby COMPLETE from a wide seat to a narrow seat.  Simply un-snap the base loops, slide them off of the waist band and snap them together in the middle.  Check out my video tutorial on wearing your newborn in the lillebaby to see how this is done.

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That strap in the middle is the infant security strap.  Used when baby is a newborn to 3 months at least if not longer.

Really Grows with Baby.  As far as soft structured carriers go this one really will take your baby from birth to toddlerhood (and beyond if you wanted).  The adjustable seat, multiple carry types, and stirrups available for purchase for older children you can be sure your baby will have an ergonomic seat for as long as they are able to be worn.

The Padded Chest Clip!  If you have used a soft structured carrier before you know that no matter how comfortable the carrier if you wear it for extended periods of time you will notice some discomfort from the chest clip rubbing.  Especially is you have it directly against your skin.  lillebaby made sure that wasn’t going to be an issue by providing an oval of padding and mesh.  The mesh is great because it allows your skin to breathe and the padding helps prevent any buckle rubbing.

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Neck Support and Sleeping Hood. The lillebaby COMPLETE has both a neck support pad that can be snapped down when baby wants to look around or clipped into place when baby needs extra support, AND a sleeping hood!  Most carriers offer one or the other! I love that this has both.  Even at 7 months we use the neck support frequently.  It’s great for a sleeping baby or toddler!  Plus when I put up the sleeping hood I can nurse without anyone even knowing I am doing it.  So much so that I actually had an elderly man ask me in an elevator if he could see the baby.  I apologized and told him he was nursing.  He really had no clue!

Hide-Away Buckles.  The neck support attaches to the carrier through buckles.  These buckles can be easily tucked inside the straps when not in use so baby doesn’t scratch themselves accidentally and for a sleeker look to the carrier.

Lumbar Support. Hands down my favorite feature of this carrier.  I never knew I needed it until I had it.  I can’t imagine wearing without it again.  Especially since I have dealt with sciatic issues both during and after my pregnancy with both boys.  Plus it’s removable so you don’t have to have it on there when you don’t need it or are wearing baby on your back or hip.

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Extra Safety Features. I love the added elastic straps where the weight bearing buckles are on the carrier. (On both shoulder straps and waist belt.)  It really adds a nice peace of mind for me that baby is really secure when he’s in the carrier.  I will admit that I even missed my waist buckle one time and was wearing Baby D around the library for a good 30 minutes before I sat down and finally noticed.  My sleep deprived self put the belt through the elastic and then went to adjust the lumbar support, but never clipped him in!  I was SO THANKFUL nothing happened to my baby.  It was a complete #MOMFAIL, but fortunately it didn’t end up being one I couldn’t easily move past.

Great For Multiple Body Types.  While I have heard from other mamas that if you are very petite it can be difficult to get a good fit, I have to give lillebaby props for creating a carrier that works for so many different body types.  I am not the smallest mom on the block. I’m 5’9, have a large chest, and a size 14-16.  I have no issues getting a good fit in this carrier.  I have used other soft structured carriers in the past that didn’t fit me.  Nothing worse that trying to wear your baby but not being able to do so because of size!

Elastic Straps for Strap Storage.  lillebaby designed the carrier to fit a wide variety of body types, and in doing so some parents may find they have a lot of extra strap left.  Instead of having it dangle down, you can roll the straps and cover them with the elastic for easy storage.  No more dangling straps!

What I wish it had:

  • A pocket of some sort.  That is the only thing I think this carrier is really missing.
  • Easier Snaps. While I like that the snaps on the seat are hard to get undone (which to me translates into a safer seat), I have a heck of a time with the sleeping hood snaps. I can still use them and often do, but they can be frustrating to get snapped.  It would be nice if that was also a hidden buckle or even plastic snaps for easy on and off.
  • Shoulder Strap Adjustments:  When baby is being worn in front and I want to breastfeed him in the carrier the straps are behind me and can be hard to release while wearing baby. This is me being really picky – because as you can see in my tutorial video for breastfeeding in this carrier, I can do adjust these straps.  I personally prefer when the straps are adjustable at the base of the carrier not the back of the strap.


Ease Of Use: A Everything adjusts very easily.

Style (Cuteness Factor): A- I love the colors and different options available.  I don’t know any other carrier like the airflow – perfect for hot weather.  I personally wouldn’t mind seeing some prints in the future.

Age Range: A+ When they say COMPLETE they mean it. This is one carrier that really will work from birth to 45lbs. Seriously – even my 43lb 4 year old can fit in the lillebaby! (See below)

Comfort: A Soft cotton, nice padding, easy to fit!

Durability:  B+ The lighter fabrics tend to show dirt very easily, but washing is a breeze.

Good For Multiple Users: YES! With the amount of straps I feel most people will be able to get a great fit in it.

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Bottom Line:

Whether you are looking for 1 carrier that will take you from birth to 45lbs or are addicted to carriers like I am, lillebaby COMPLETE truly is complete.  They knocked it out of the park with the redesign!  When it comes down to it, any babywearing is better than no babywearing.  Babywearing gives me the ability to be a better mom.  I can snuggle one child while playing with the other.  As a mom babywearing has brought a sense of peace into an otherwise chaotic time of life.  I have fallen head over heels in love with it. If you are lucky enough to have one of the lillebaby carriers I know you will find peace, love, and babywearing something you can’t live without.


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Connect with lillebaby:


Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see all my adventures while babywearing!

Disclosure: Product was provided to facilitate review. My love for the lillebaby is 100% honest.

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  1. says

    Not many people baby carried when our daughter was an infant, I tried it but felt very insecure thinking she would fall out so I gave up right away. If I had something like this at the time, I probably would have loved it!


  2. Carly says

    Looks amazing!!! The hip carry looks so comfy for an ssc! And I’m shocked at how comfy your 4 year old looks in it! Love it!


  3. says

    This is an awesome review! My kids are way beyond baby stage but I tried babywearing with them (almost 10 years ago) and none of them felt secure enough; they always were squirming out and uncomfortable so it was easier just to carry them. I wish this had been around when my kids were little!


  4. says

    I think that the real deal sealer on this one is the fact that you can put your older son in it and he looks just fine!

    Functional… sturdy… and looks great too!


  5. Katie Conn says

    I was so surprised with all the features of this carrier! It looks awesome it truly grows with the child unlike all the carriers I have experienced!


  6. Shawna says

    This carrier is amazing! I especially love that it is versatile. I know you live in Las Vegas as do I, so I was wondering if you tried the mesh one and how it was in this Vegas heat? I love the lime green one. Keeping my baby close to me rather than in a stroller is very important to me.


  7. Jenni L. says

    Wow I didn’t realize it had lumbar support or that they made one for sweltering desert climates! The airflow would be amazing for Arizona moms.


  8. Tina Tapia says

    I love all of the carry options and your review definitely made it easy to understand how to correctly wear this carrier! Love the “back carry” option for older children as well! Being amom of 4, I could surely use the extra hands!


  9. Dallas says

    I’m so glad that you’re offering the discount code! One of my friends is looking for a good carrier, so I’m definitely passing the info along!


  10. Lynda Thomas says

    What a great carrier! I agree that it would be nice to have some sort of pocket, but man it really has so much! I so appreciate seeing pictures of a bigger kid in there! Most of the time the pictures are only of babies and I want a carrier that will be comfy for both of my boys. So, it’s nice to see how cozy he looks in there. :)


  11. says

    One of the best reviews I’ve seen on this type of product. I love the detail you put into it and the video. I’m sharing this with my daughter who is having a baby in just a few weeks. Thank you for your hard work!


  12. Clara says

    Great review! Even from their site I did not realize how versatile this carrier is. My only concern is so many buckles it looks difficult to put it on.


    Emily Reply:

    I promise it’s not intimidating! With my husband overseas and two young kids I have no time for intimidating! Just do the belt, put on your shoulder straps, buckle your chest/back clip and go! I can usually do it before my 4 yo starts whining! :)


  13. says

    I love baby wearing with my daughter. She is two now, but still comes to me and says “I need to hold you” (AKA she wants me to pick her up). I love the colors that this carrier comes in, and I would love to be able to try one.


  14. Cabrina says

    I have the original Lillebaby, and I am a little sad they got rid of the pocket, it is so useful. I am really excited about the added lumbar support. As my daughter has gotten bigger when I wear her for long periods of time, I feel it the next day!


  15. Tiffany says

    A friend has one and was nice to let me try it out, and I fell in love with it. I would love to have one even lo enjoyed being in it. It was easy to put on, had the support I am looking for, its like it became part of me lol. I just love it <3


  16. Emily deVeer says

    Thanks for this review!! I would love to have one for my daughter!! She is 18 pounds now and I am having trouble getting both her and my back supported and comfortable with our wrap. From your review, it seems like a Lillebaby carrier would be perfect to fix this problem!! I am petite so hopefully it will be a good fit!!


  17. Keira says

    I’m in love with this carrier. My 7 week old is 24 inches long, so I’m having a hard time finding a carrier that is long enough in the torso and will support her head/neck. I’m hoping this one will meet her needs as well as mine.


  18. Vanessa Coker says

    It seems soft and comfortable. I love that it can be used for most newborns since it has a starting weight limit at 7lbs!


  19. Betsy says

    This review was really helpful! My Baby #2 is 6 weeks old & this time I wanted a great carrier – but just one. I was having trouble figuring out which might be the best for a newborn through toddler. I can’t remember how I came across your blog, but I’m glad I did. I had never heard of the Lillebaby Complete. I got the Airflow with hopes of not getting too hot in the summer. I’m 5’6″ & very thin. I was concerned about fit, but with the straps on the smallest settings, it works fine. I carry my newborn with a blanket & wide seat. I’m happy not to have to get a special insert.


  20. Kristyn says

    I’m looking at the airflow, for use in the hot & humid east coast, but also for use when visiting family in AZ. So I’m curious how this carrier works with the super dry heat of LV since I know it’s comparable to AZ!?


  21. SFord says

    I would love to see a video on how you do the hip carry with this carrier. I have this same carrier but I’m having trouble getting my 13m old in it by myself. I can’t quite reach around him to get the side strap fastened. Any tips?



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