Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper Review

"Cloth Diapers" "Smart Bottoms Cloth Diaper" 'All In One Cloth Diaper" "Smart Bottoms 3.0 Review" 'Smart Bottoms Cloth Diaper Review"

If you are looking for a super trim, easy to use, organic, all in one cloth diaper you might want to check out Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper!  When I received this diaper to review the first thing that crossed my mind was there was no way this diaper wouldn’t need an extra liner.  It is SO thin!  (Spoiler Alert – I was wrong!)

Made in the US this diaper retails at $23 this diaper features 6 different color options and 3 fun prints.  It is one of the trimmest diapers I have ever used.

"Cloth Diapers" "Smart Bottoms Cloth Diaper" 'All In One Cloth Diaper" "Smart Bottoms 3.0 Review" 'Smart Bottoms Cloth Diaper Review"

The liner is 100% organic cotton gives you up to 10 layers of absorbancy and is customizable to where your baby needs it most!  Many AIO cloth diapers take forever to dry, but not smart bottoms.  Somehow they managed to make their liner super absorbent as well as quick drying.

"Cloth Diapers" "Smart Bottoms Cloth Diaper" 'All In One Cloth Diaper" "Smart Bottoms 3.0 Review" 'Smart Bottoms Cloth Diaper Review"

The 4 rise adjustable snap is really nice as well.  Many One Sized diapers only have a 3 rise snap.  This is one of the few diapers that I own that Baby D still is using the adjustable snap rise at 22 lbs.  The leg openings feature a thick elastic covering that is intended to prevent red marks on baby’s skin.  While it didn’t give Baby D red marks, we did find that it took a few extra moments to twist the edging so that the liner wasn’t exposed.  Once we did that, this diaper was great.

There is also extra elastic at the back of the diaper to prevent blow-outs.  Baby D has certainly put this to the test, and the diaper held up!

Fit: B
Ease of Use: A+
Performance: A- (Best for daytime)
Performance with a second insert: A (Still best for daytime)
Drying Time: A+
Patterns: Yes and fun colors!
Price: B-
Overall: B+/A- These are a very good daytime diaper option.  They are easy to use, and are super trim!

Buy It!

You can buy the Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 for $23.  Use code: SMARTONE30 for free shipping!


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  1. cora says

    Great review. I have a couple and would love more. I really like the fit, absorbency, and ease of use on my almost 17mo. I don’t like the fit as well on my almost 3yo. I think if I got the waist extenders I might like the fit better. Love that they are made in the USA.


  2. Laura B says

    We are building our cloth diaper stash for our first due in Dec. I love that Smart Bottoms are organic, one size and come in great colors!


  3. says

    We use our smart bottom 3.0 overnight and it keeps our heavy wetter from having accidents in the bed. Great product. Would like to see one with double gussets though. :)


  4. Sarah Hayes says

    love these diapers. I wish I had one in every color. they fit great and I love that they are organic and made in the US.


  5. says

    I know nothing about cloth diapers but I do know that that’s one cute baby! I love the color, too- if we have a boy that’s one of the nursery colors we’re using I think.


  6. Vanessa Coker says

    I didn’t know it was organic, that’s pretty good. I also like that it has 10 layers of absorbent material, I bet it is great for customizing it for both boys or girls.


  7. Andrea R says

    I’ve been wanting to try a Smart Bottoms for awhile, but I can’t find a Canadian retailer for them. They remind me of the bG Elemental, but look like they dry a LOT faster. I would love to win one 😉


  8. Jeannette Mills says

    I haven’t ever used smart bottoms but they sounds great and I love the colors!! I love that they dry pretty fast too!


  9. Jutta P. says

    I really like the look of this diaper. I have used Smart Bottoms hemp prefolds and they are awesome. They are such a great company! And their new prints are super cute!


  10. Rachel N says

    I love how close this is to the old style Bumgenius elemental but it looks like it would actually be better because of the soaker. I think this is on the next to try list:)


  11. Felicia London says

    Smart Bottoms is a company I’ve never heard of before, but their four rise settings reminds me of Rumparooz, which I love. I also really like the contrasting colors between the buttons and the colors, and this diaper just seems like the perfect brand for my niece!



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