Beco Gemini VS Beco Soleil

Beco Gemini vs Beco Soleil

It’s no secret I’m addicted to babywearing!  After falling in love with babywearing I decided I wanted to try and share as many carriers as I could.  It quickly became obvious that not all baby carriers are created equal, and not all baby carriers will fit every body the same way!  As a result I have made it my mission of sorts to try as many carriers as possible so I could be as knowledgeable as possible.

For me personally, I love the ease of use in a Soft Structured Carriers (SSC).  (Think Beco, Lillebaby, Ergobaby, Boba, Tula, …)  When Baby D was 4 weeks old I won a Beco Gemini.  I honestly almost gave it away.  I didn’t understand why I would want another SSC. (I already owned and Ergo).  However I decided I should at least try it, and let me tell you it was LOVE at first carry!  Suddenly I understood why there are so many companies make different variations of the SSC and they are all great selling carriers.  The reason is each carrier fits every body differently, and comes with different features.

I happened to be wearing my Beco Gemini when I spoke on a panel at the ABC Expo.  Little did I know at first, the lady that came up to me to help me adjust my carrier was actually the creator and designer of Beco carriers – Gabby Amarantos!  She suggested I switched the straps to a criss-cross position.  Wouldn’t you know that this carrier I was already madly in love with got even more comfortable!  (Plus it was pretty cool to meet Gabby!)  While at the Expo I was given the opportunity to review the Beco Soleil, Beco’s newest carrier.

The Soleil fully lived up to all the expectations I had for it. It was easy to use, had a few more features I liked for an older baby, and was a breeze to breastfeed while babywearing!  Given Baby D’s size, I quickly traded out the Gemini for the Soleil in our rotation.  While we still had 13 lbs until we outgrew the Gemini, the Soleil was a bit more comfortable for longer wearing with a heavier baby!   The thing I like about Beco is that they work really hard to make sure their carriers are good for as many body types as possible.  I’m a big and tall mama, and never once did I feel that either Beco was too small to fit me.

The question I’m asked the most while wearing either of my Beco carriers is “I like the look of the Beco, but I don’t know which carrier I should buy!  What is the difference between the Gemini and the Soleil”?  The answer is A LOT!

Gemini VS Soleil:

The Beco Gemini

"BecoBaby" "Beco Baby Carriers" "Babywearing" "Beco Gemini"

The Beco Gemini has a lot of great features, 4 carrying positions, and is the only Beco that allows baby to face out.  It is very compact, and doesn’t need an infant insert in order to wear your newborn.   It doesn’t have any extra features like pockets, sleep hood, or toy/key rings.

"Beco Gemini Features" "BecoBaby" "Beco Baby Carriers" "Babywearing" "Beco Gemini"

I absolutely LOVED this carrier for Baby D’s first 6 months!  It was so easy to use, and incredibly comfortable. In my opinion this carrier is perfect for smaller babies or younger babies.  I don’t use it very much anymore as Baby D is big and long, so he is no longer knee-to-knee in this carrier.

"BecoBaby" "Beco Baby Carriers" "Babywearing" "Beco Gemini"

The Beco Soleil

Beco Soleil

The Beco Soleil is also a great carrier.  It has less ways to carry baby, but you can use it longer.  There is a pocket on the waistband, toy/key rings, and even a place to snap on a bag you can purchase extra to carry diapers, wipes, and more toys!

"BecoBaby" "Beco Baby Carriers" "Babywearing" "Beco Soleil"

My husband likes this carrier over the Gemini, but I have heard other husbands like the Gemini because it is more simple.  This carrier does require the use of an infant insert for babies 7-15lbs.  That is an additional purchase.

"USS Midway" "USS Midway Museum" "Family Vacation" "Beco Baby Carrier" "Beco Soleil"

Which One Is Right For My Baby?

You really can’t go wrong with either carrier.  I know better than most that you can find love with many carriers.  I also know what a difference it is putting on the right carrier!

They both retail for $130.  If you have it in your budget for both, I would do that!  I loved my Gemini for the first 6 months, but now I rarely reach for it over the Soleil.  If you have smaller babies the Gemini will last you longer than it did my son and I would probably pick the Gemini.  Even without the bells and whistles of the Soleil, it is a fantastic and super comfortable carrier. One waist buckle, and two shoulder adjustments and you are good to go! I never missed the sleep hood on this carrier, especially with the large super padded neck support that is on the Gemini.  I did wish it had a pocket though.

I prefer my babies to be knee-to-knee in their carriers because I wear them for longer periods of time especially when we are out and about.  As a result I mainly use my Soleil now.  If you make bigger babies I would pick the Soleil.  Even my 4 year old is still under the weight limit in the Beco Soleil.  He doesn’t often ask to be worn, but now that his brother is here occasionally he will ask.  Since he is only riding for short periods of time, I’m not concerned about knee-to-knee with him.  It’s a squeeze, but he still does fit in the Soleil.  Also if pockets and sleep hoods are important to you, then you need the Soleil.

Do you prefer the Gemini or the Soleil?

I was provided a Beco Soleil to facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. says

    I just got an ErgoBaby and am getting into baby wearing. I hadn’t heard of the beco before your post but now I’m definitely interested. Your video comparing and contrasting the two was really great and I’m really wanting to invest in the soleil now. Your pictures are beautiful too. Very very well done review.


  2. says

    I always wanted to find a good baby carrier when I had little ones but I always got too overwhelmed with all of the different choices. This review would have been very helpful. And have I ever told you that I think you are wonder woman? Yeah…I do! :)


  3. says

    I’m SO glad to read this, I’ve been wanting a Beco but wasn’t sure which one to get. I’m not a hard core baby wearer but there are certain places that I refuse to mess with a stroller. I only have 3 carriers – one I won’t use (I realized how awful and unsafe it is) and the other two I love but have complaints about both… I really would love to try the Soleil. I’m glad to hear you can breastfeed while wearing.


  4. says

    Wow, that is a great breakdown! Thanks for doing all the work so we can shop with knowledge! I’ll have to revisit this when we get closer to purchase, but I have several preggo friends farther along that could really use this.


  5. says

    Pinning for later :) I loved my Baby Bjorn, but I always wondered what else was out there, and you’ve written a great review. Thank you.


    Emily Reply:

    If you loved your Bjorn you will want to marry the Beco! 😉


  6. Kathleen says

    Thanks for the detailed review. Do you wear either of these carriers on your back? I’m very overwhelmed by all the choices, mostly because my baby girl wants to see everything. I have an ERGO that I returned because she did not want to be facing in and she couldn’t see past the straps when I used it on my back. Any advice there?


    Emily Reply:

    Yes, these carriers can be used on your back or hip. She may really like the hip carry so she can see out more. It’s hard to get a high back carry with any soft structured carrier. Also the Beco Gemini and Lillebaby COMPLETE both allow baby to face out with an ergonomic seat. If baby is older than 6 months than the risk of hip dyspepsia is virtually gone. Does that help?


  7. Fringepod says

    Thanks for this review–I’ve also seen your review for the lillebaby complete and would like to hear your opinion on preference for one brand over the other. It seems like the only thing missing on the lillebaby is a pocket of some sort (which I could sew on myself) and I like that the buckles don’t require 2 hands. I like some of the other features of the soleil but it seems the neck rest is lower than either the gemini or lillebaby (when in the up position) and this, along with the fact that I wouldn’t have to purchase an infant insert is edging me towards the lillebaby–do you have a favorite carrier in terms of comfort? Thank you!


  8. Lynn says

    Does the soleil have a stay put strap so you can wrap it for storage?
    Is the soleil less bulky when stored? I know the Gemini is fully padded and does not roll or store as compact as other carriers.
    Great review of both


  9. Marianne says

    I am new to babywearing and am trying to find a supportive carrier for my petite frame (5 ft). I’ve purchased the newest Boba and love how easy it it’s to wear with my newborn, but by the second day of baby wearing my shoulders and back were hurting. I’m wondering if a cross strap carrier would be better? I will be wearing my 7 lb newborn, so any suggestions on carriers would be great.


    Emily Reply:

    Yes, for sure try doing it with a cross strap carry. I’m not sure if the boba can do it, but it’s worth trying. I know for sure the lillebaby can do it. (Which is actually my personal fav Soft Structured Carrier) and it also has lumbar support which is AMAZING!! You might want to check into them if you back is already hurting with a 7lb baby. That said you also likely just had the baby, and your body could still be recovering and the exertion could have caused extra pain. Additionally – do you have a stretchy wrap? I loved that for my newborns. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have other questions!! I’m always happy to help. My FB community is pretty good at offering advice too. Congrats on your new baby!!


  10. Tina says

    I bought the soleil and am finding it hard to get my baby to stretch her legs apart enough to fit the wide seat . It seems impossible and she hates it . Have you got any tips on how to do this . She is 4 months old but quite petite . Maybe the gemini would have been better as the seat can be narrowed ???
    Thank you


  11. Allison says

    Thank you for posting this! I have been back and forth on the fence between the Soleil and the Gemini. I really like that the Gemini allows you to carry front facing out, but I also like the the Soleil can be used for longer. I ended up ordering the Soleil, and I think I’m going to keep it because of the extra features.



  1. […] Beco Gemini VS Beco Soleil | Our Knight Life Beco Gemini vs Beco Soleil. It's no secret I'm addicted to babywearing! After falling in love with babywearing I decided I wanted to try and share as many carriers as I could. It quickly became obvious that not all baby carriers are created equal, and not all baby carriers will fit every body the same way! As a result I have made it my mission of . is the only Beco that allows baby to face out. It is very compact, and doesn't need an infant insert in order to wear your newborn. […]

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