Knights On Vacation in San Diego! Part 1: San Diego Zoo and The Safari Park


Shortly after my husband returned home, we took our first family vacation as a family of four!

My husband thought he would beat the traffic rush on the weekends and booked a Monday-Monday trip to San Diego!  Unfortunately, he forgot about Labor Day so what should have been a 5 hour drive turned into a 10 hour drive! (The boys did great – my husband however was pretty grumpy by the time we arrived; Understandably so!)

The boys we both quickly sleeping shortly after dinner!

San Diego11

Baby D doesn’t usually sleep in the Woombie anymore, but it was a great thing to have on vacation as it helps him settle and feel comfortable!

I love how sweet the boys were together the whole trip!  They certainly love each other a ton!

San Diego Zoo

This vacation had a theme!  Animals! Lots of Animals!  To start off the vacation we headed to the San Diego Zoo!  We actually split our zoo trip over two days! If you haven’t been to the San Diego Zoo, you must go!  Such an amazing facility!  We had a blast exploring, walking, and even taking a double decker bus tour!

San Diego12

We had to get a family picture on the Lion!  I’m glad we did this first thing too!  San Diego had a heat spell while we were there and it got very hot very quickly!

San Diego1

K’s favorite and must see animal of this trip was the Giraffes!  He was even more excited to see that they had a new baby giraffe at the zoo.  He picked his very own Giraffe stuffed animal to bring home and “Penelope” has been a night-time favorite ever since.

San Diego8

I thought this sign was fitting seeing as many days I do feel like a fly trapped in my children’s webs!

San Diego9

Sweet Baby D certainly learned to make himself comfortable right away!  Lots of naps in the Joovy Ultralight Caboose!  Both my husband and I wore him in his carriers plenty too, but it was SO hot!

San Diego10

This picture makes me laugh!  The Gorilla’s foot was actually curled up when he posed by it, but suddenly slammed flat against the glass!  K jumped right out of his skin!!

San Diego13

K loved seeing all the animals, but he also really enjoyed all the kid touches the zoo had set up! I of course couldn’t resist all the picture taking opportunities!

The Safari Park

San Diego7

The Safari Park was expansive and breath-taking! You almost forget you are in the middle of San Diego!  So many nearly extinct animals in one place.  They are working on building a back up population for the animals in the wild.

San Diego20

There is a 6 month old baby Rhino laying next to it’s mama!

We got to see lots of babies!  Rhino babies, giraffe babies, and more!

San Diego22

I think one of the coolest things for K was watching the Cheetah run!  I have NO clue how I caught this picture – from start to finish she was only running for about 4 seconds!

San Diego6

After a long day in the heat we all were a little batty!  I couldn’t resist making the boys pose for this one! As you can see they were thrilled! Ha!

Stay Tuned for Part 2! SeaWorld, USS Midway, and Coronado!

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  1. That looks like such an awesome place and worth the traffic headache. We usually go to the zoo once a year, but it’s small. Safari Park looks amazing!


  2. oh man, that picture in the wombie…holy cow, that is adorable!!!


  3. Looks like a great time! San Diego is so fun.. we need to visit the zoo and safari park. We did Sea World this summer.


  4. Love the giraffes, and that bug photo is the cutest thing ever!


  5. What a fun family vacation and I bet it was so special because all 4 of you got to go. You got some fun shots too.


  6. We love the zoo too – such adorable pictures and lots of wonderful memories made!


  7. This looks like such a great time! Our family loves the zoo and we always try and make a big day out of it. Great pictures and memories that you’l have forever!


  8. I would LOVE to visit the San Diego Zoo! Looks like so much fun for everyone!


    Emily Reply:

    Thanks Whitney! It was a lot of fun!!



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