Las Vegas in the Fall {Wordless Wednesday}


For the past 7 years, (How have I lived in Las Vegas for 7 years now!!) each year I wait patiently and sweating until the Las Vegas heat finally cools down enough to enjoy walks outside!  I love Las Vegas during the fall! My only wish would be that it lasted a bit longer!

This week we are finally below 90 degrees and to celebrate I have decided to walk my son to school everyday the weather permits.  He attends Pre-K 4 days a week now.  It takes us just under 30 minutes to walk each way (uphill most of the way to school).  We don’t sprint, we don’t rush, we enjoy the time spent outside and moving!

"Walking to School" "Family Activity" 'Get Moving" "Las Vegas Fall" "Fall weather"

Looking cool in his shades!

"Walking to School" "Family Activity" 'Get Moving" "Las Vegas Fall" "Fall weather"

“Look Mom! I’m King of the Mountain!”

"Out for a walk with baby" "Baby in Joovy"

Baby D loves to stroll along with us, and usually uses the time to pass out!

Hopefully we will continue to have beautiful weather so we can continue to walk! I’m also enjoying it because it’s a great workout for me! On the way back I add squats and lunges!  I’m toying with getting a jogging stroller and training for a 5K on my walk back…

"FitFluential" 'Walking" "Workout" "Polar" "Fitness Watch"




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