The ALL NEW 2014 Joovy Scooter Stroller Review + Video

As a Joovy Mom, I have been able to review some really awesome products from Joovy. We love the Ultralight Caboose Tandem Stroller and the Joovy Nook.

If you are unfamiliar with Joovy (Joo-vee) they are a gear company that designs products for active families and kids in 8 main categories with an emphasis on durability, utility, and quality products.

"Joovy" "Joovy Scooter" "Joovy Scooter Review" "Stroller Review" "Compact Stroller"

As Baby D gets older I really wanted a stroller that was compact and easy to use, but didn’t sacrifice comfort or basket space. The Joovy Scooter is the answer!  This is the NEW 2014 Joovy Scooter. This year they completely redesigned the stroller and there is very little I could find to complain about (and as my husband will tell you, I’m pretty picky!)

The Joovy Scooter stroller is designed for babies 3 months + and has a weight limit of 55 lbs. (To give you an idea of just how high of a weight limit that is – my 5 year old can still sit in this stroller if he wanted to!)

Video Review:


The Joovy Scooter took me about 15 minutes to assemble. The directions were very clear with both written directions and pictures to follow. I’m not good at assembly, so if I can put it together quickly, that means it’s pretty easy to do!

"Joovy" "Joovy Scooter" "Joovy Scooter Review" "Stroller Review" "Compact Stroller"


"Joovy" "Joovy Scooter" "Joovy Scooter Review" "Stroller Review" "Compact Stroller"

10 Point Adjustable Handle Bar – this is great for a few reasons. I’m 5’9 and my husband is 6’1. We are both able to push this stroller without bumping our feet or legs. And at 46″ tall my 5 year old can also help push the stroller (with parental supervision of course!)

HUGE Canopy – I have pushed a lot of strollers in my life, and very few have a canopy that rivals the Joovy Scooter. Living in the desert I really appreciate the added protection from the elements! It also makes naps a lot easier. There is a peek-a-boo window as well.

"Joovy" "Joovy Scooter" "Joovy Scooter Review" "Stroller Review" "Compact Stroller"

Comfortable Seat & Near Flat Recline – The seat offers a nearly flat 149° for easy naps, and infinite recline positions in between as you can customize it to your child’s comfort. The Scooter also comes with a removable/reversible back padding. The nylon side helps to keep baby cool, and the fleece side offers warmth.  The seat also has 2 mesh side pockets which are perfect for baby’s toys, sippy cups, or bottles.

Large Basket + Easy Access – The underneath of the stroller has a very sizable basket. They even added zippered entry in two places for ease of access when the baby is reclined/napping.

"Joovy" "Joovy Scooter" "Joovy Scooter Review" "Stroller Review" "Compact Stroller"

Adjustable 2-position Footrest – This is great for younger babies!

Machine Washable – The stroller is covered with 600D nylon fabric that is machine washable including the removable back padding. This is huge must have in any stroller I buy. Too many times my children have gotten sick, spit up, or spilled on the stroller. There is nothing worse than scrubbing and hand washing a stroller.

4-Wheel Suspension – The wheels are rubber and all have suspension in them which absorbs some of the shock. The front wheels lock to allow you to move over gravel, mulch, or grass. This is not an all terrain stroller however. It is REALLY easy to push!

"Joovy" "Joovy Scooter" "Joovy Scooter Review" "Stroller Review" "Compact Stroller"

Parent Organizer – A mesh bottle holder, large zippered pocket, and a clip on bottle holder make it easy to have all your supplies in hands reach.

Compact Fold – This fold is pretty darn compact! It surprised me as it’s not something you expect with a large canopy or huge storage basket. The stroller can also stand when it’s folded. This is nice for loading and unloading the stroller, and the carry strap in the seat is really nice too (watch my video to see how this stroller folds).

"Joovy" "Joovy Scooter" "Joovy Scooter Review" "Stroller Review" "Compact Stroller"

The newly designed Joovy Scooter certainly doesn’t disappoint! I’m hard pressed to find any complains/cons at all. The $299 price tag is a bit steep, but this stroller is made to last. It doesn’t have the option to parent face, but the large canopy almost makes up for that. You can purchase the car seat attachment and snack tray separately.

Clearly baby D thinks the Joovy Scooter is a winner!

"Joovy" "Joovy Scooter" "Joovy Scooter Review" "Stroller Review" "Compact Stroller"

What I wouldn’t give to sleep so soundly!

What feature is your favorite?

Learn more about Joovy by following them on Facebook and Twitter!  You can purchase the Joovy Scooter on the Joovy website or Amazon.

As a Joovy Mom I am offered the opportunity to review Joovy products. I don’t review products my family doesn’t use or enjoy. As always this review was my 100% honest opinion.


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Wow, what a nice stroller you got. I don’t think they had anything so nice out when my boys were babies.


  2. says

    I’ve heard many great things about Joovy strollers. I have to have something that I can easily collapse and put in my car. My jogging stroller does NOT do this, so we have a separate stroller for traveling.


  3. says

    I’ve never used a Joovy product, but I always hear good things about them. I laughed at the four-wheel drive it has…wish my SUV had it too. 😉


  4. says

    I love the big canopy that Joovy is well known for. This feature is always useful when taking the kids out for long walks. I love it! This stroller looks great.


  5. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Wow, strollers have changed so much much since my kids were young. What a great looking stroller with cool features.


  6. says

    That’s quite a stroller. I had a simple Graco with my girls. Nothing to fancy. Just A to Z. It’s always nice to see the bells and whistles. Strollers have so many features today.


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