Why Didn’t You Tell Me!?!? (Light Bladder Leakage)


Thank you Poise for sponsoring this post on light bladder leakage.

To the guys and family who read my blog, please feel free to skip to the next post as I’m about into a real issue many of us ladies deal with…

After you have a baby everyone has advice for you. Tips and tricks for what has worked for them as a parent. Most of this I appreciated hearing. I liked listening to everyone’s advice and then figuring out what worked best for me.  There is however, something that no one seems to want to talk about – including myself. For the longest time I hid it from even my husband.  Things change after you have a baby – “down there” if you know what I mean.

I actually went 3.5 years into parenthood without experiencing this or having any one of my friends mention it. Then after my successful VBAC I began to notice that when I jumped up too quickly or would be working out something embarrassing happened.

I leaked a little. The first time it happened at home. I wasn’t too concerned as it hadn’t been too long since I had baby D.  The second time it happened, I was at the gym. Thankfully I was wearing black pants so I was able to make my way home with hopefully no one noticing.

I got home and mentioned something to my friends and they were like “Oh yeah! That’s totally normal.”

Hey! Thanks! I appreciate the warning!! <– sarcasm

Well ladies, here is your warning!  One in every three women experience light bladder leakage (LBL). This can happen by laughing, coughing, sneezing, or like in my case exercise. It’s real, it happens, and it’s embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be.

"Little Bladder Leakage" "Poise" "Poise Microliners" "SAM"

Who is SAM?  SAM is the newest mircroliner from Poise!  For me personally the SAM (super absorbent material) was the answer to my LBL workout woes.

"Little Bladder Leakage" "Poise" "Poise Microliners" "SAM"

It’s super slim that I can tuck them anywhere I need to. I have one in nearly every diaper and gym bag I own.

"Little Bladder Leakage" "Poise" "Poise Microliners" "SAM"

Look, obviously since no one talks about it, it’s not the most fun topic, but it happens, and it happens to a lot more women than you know. If you are anything like me you probably don’t want to talk about it, and probably just used a period liner.

Before I found out about this new microliner from Poise that’s exactly what I did! However, if you suffer from LBL you really should check out SAM. They absorb wetness, neutralize odor, and are three times more absorbent than period liners.

If this happens to someone you know or to yourself you can get a free sample from Poise to try out.

The Poise Sample Kit includes:"Little Bladder Leakage" "Poise" "Poise Microliners" "SAM"

  • 2 NEW Poise® Microliners (1 regular, 1 long)
  • 1 Poise Long Liner
  • 1 Poise Ultra Thin Pad
  • Exclusive coupon and informational brochure

Just follow this link –> http://ooh.li/3a8b250 to try the newest Microliner from Poise for yourself!

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  1. says

    My housekeeper tells me to keep up with my kegels because as I get older she assures me it will be an issue. She warns me that one day I will laugh or cough and be shocked!


    Emily Reply:

    Kegels are awesome. Isn’t it crazy that we can train these muscles too!


  2. Ann Bacciaglia says

    The joys of being a woman. I am glad that Poise has created a product to help with this issue. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Amy Desrosiers says

    After my son, who is now two was born it was awful! I would seriously pee a little without even knowing it! Thankfully I am sooo much better now!


  4. says

    Contrary to popular belief woman of ALL ages battle with this issue! It’s so nice to see that there are quality products out there that help bring back the confidence LBL takes away.


  5. says

    Those are so thin! That’s awesome! I know this is just around the corner for me. I’ll be turning 50 yo next year and I heard these things start to happen. This is very helpful to know! :)


  6. says

    It’s nice that we all suffer from this together so we can talk about it freely. Well, it’s not really nice that we all suffer from it, but you know what I mean…


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