Sponsorship Highlight – Eco-Kids! Creative Play The Natural Way!

Back in October when I attended the ABC Kids Expo I was reading a list of companies who were attending.  When I saw there was a company called Eco-Kids I knew I had to check them out. When my son was born, I started to make small changes to green our lifestyle.  But I was also very aware of what was in the toys and materials I was exposing him to.  From a very early age (maybe a few weeks) I … [Read more...]

Green Mama Blog Hop – Week 2

I am super excited to join in hosting the Green Mama Blog Hop. I love that it is for Greenies of all walks of life - new or old, small or big.  Join in, linkup, and share your Green Life with us! Welcome to week 2 of the (revised) Green Mama Blog Hop! Please only join this hop if you deem your blog as 'green'. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or if you're a pro.. this Green Mama … [Read more...]

Toddlers Rock! A Blogtastic Extravaganza

Are you ready to ROCK?? My son is always ready to rock.  He loves music, and he loves being silly. On January 18th-22nd Family and Life in Las Vegas will be participating in A Blogtastic Extravaganza.  A huge giveaway Blog Hop, where all you have to do is stop by and enter.  I will only have two ways to enter on the day of the giveaway.  This allows you to get in, and get out.  Jumping over … [Read more...]

The Herbal Experience Teas – Review & Giveaway

Have I ever mentioned I have a love for Tea?  Before Squish was born, I worked at a place where I very seriously constantly carried a cup full of tea.  Herbal, Black, Green, White, Mate, I love them all. When I became a mother, I stopped drinking as much tea, but I continued to drink a lot of the herbal teas.  I was pretty excited when I found Nicole from The Herbal Experience at a Baby … [Read more...]

Why I use a Cloth Diaper Service

The day got ahead of me BIG TIME.  I wrote this for a guest spot on Greening Sam and Avery (thanks again Abbie for having me), but I thought I would share this again here. Why I use a cloth diaper service. Hi, my name is Emily and I use a cloth diaper service.  No, I am not lazy, no, I am not rich, and yes, I did my homework. When Squishy was 4 weeks old, the Hubs and I went to a 4th of … [Read more...]