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21 Day Fix Meal Plan + Grocery List #FreePrintable

So if you have been following my plan, you know that this is the post where I should be sharing my results. Well I am down 5 lbs from when I first started BUT… (Skip to the end if you are just here for the free 21 Day Fix Grocery list or meal plan). I […]

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Tokidoki LILLEbaby Baby Carrier! Meet “Iconic”! #tokidokixlillebaby

A few months ago LILLEbaby announced a collaboration with Tokidoki and the result was the instantly sold out Tokidoki LILLEbaby baby carrier Rebel in All Seasons and their new toddler carrier Carry On. We love our Tokidoki LILLEbaby Rebel Carry On. It’s so much fun, easy to use, and makes my 2.5 year old feel […]

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Simple Green Smoothie Recipe {Move It Monday}

  (If you are just here for the simple green smoothie – skip to the bottom!) I hope everyone had a nice Easter with their family, and if you didn’t celebrate it you were able to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather the whole country seemed to be enjoying. We enjoyed our last weekend […]

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"Ant-Man Movie" "Marvel's Ant-Man" "Paul Rudd Ant Man" "Ant Man" "Ant-Man Movie Review"

A Geeky Girl’s Guide: Marvel’s Ant-Man Movie Review

So Ant-Man hits the big screens today, and unless you consider yourself a Marvel Comics enthusiast, you’re probably asking yourself, “Who is Ant-Man?” And the small portion of you with bug fear is probably now asking, “Wait, does that mean there are going to be ants in the movie?” I’m afraid so, and a lot […]

"5 Ways To Keep Kids Connected During a Deployment" "Duracell Teddy Bear" "Kids Books for Deployment" "Helping Kids Cope with Deployment"

5 Ways To Keep Kids Connected During a Deployment

My husband has been deploying overseas for his job since our first son was born. Former Air National Guard he now works as a civilian defense contractor. While his deployments are a little bit different than a strict military deployment, it’s still hard on our boys and navigating them can be tricky. Over the years […]

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The 21 Day Fix Diet: Week One Recap + Week Two Meal Plan #21DayFix

  Week One of the 21 Day Fix diet is DONE! And you know what? It wasn’t awful – if anything it was very manageable.  Since I kept hearing amazing things about this program, as a non-beachbody coach I really wanted to try this program out and give an unbiased review. If you just want […]

"Le Top Clothing Review" "Le Top Children's Clothing" "Children's Clothing" "Matching Sibling Outfits" "Brother Sister Matching Outfits"

Adorable Children’s Clothing from Le Top {Review + Giveaway}

Children’s clothing is overwhelming. If you have a girl, there is no end to the pink and frills and if you have a boy, it’s hard to find something not so boring! On top of that- finding matching outfits for a boy/girl is pretty much near impossible. I had all these visions of matching outfits […]

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aden+anais Toddler Towels | Softest Toddler Towels Ever!

I have a few brands that I am completely in love with when it comes to baby/kid gear, and aden+anais is at the very top of that list. We love their muslin swaddles, dream blankets, issies, adult daydream blankets, and pretty much every other product they make. So when I heard about the aden and […]