5 Tips for Researching Your Family Name #surnameproject

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Thank you Ancestry.com for sponsoring this post and allowing me to dig further into my family history. When I had my first son I really wanted to build him a family tree. So I reached out to my family and asked for any information they could provide. That information has sat untouched for over 5 […]

First Day of School Subway Art + Free Kindergarten Printable

"Back to school subway art" "First Day of Kindergarten Sign" "First Day of Kindergarden Subway Art" "Subway art"

I’m pretty obsessive about taking pictures of my children. I just feel like I need and want all their special memories on film to look back on and enjoy as they grow up. My son’s first day of Kindergarten is a pretty big deal to me. He will be full day in school now and […]

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

"health benefits of pumpkin seeds" "how to eat pumpkin seeds" "Pumpkin seeds"

  Many people may not realize the healthy benefits of pumpkin seeds. When you are creating that jack-o-lantern or preparing that holiday pie, you may be tempted to toss the seeds along with the other pumpkin “gunk”. However, with so many health benefits of pumpkin seeds, you owe it to your body to keep them […]

10 Tips for New Kindergarten Parents

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My baby starts Kindergarten next week and I’m a mess. I knew it was going to be hard, but I had no idea how emotional I’d really get over this major milestone. After all, it’s not like he hasn’t done the whole school thing before… But this feels different. Part of me wishes I had […]

6 Fun Back To School Products You’ll Love {Giveaway}

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This morning I had the pleasure of working with Channel 8 News on a fun back to school segment featuring some great products! Thank you so much for watching this morning and stopping by my blog for more information about the products I featured on TV. While you are here please be sure to head […]

10 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

"10 Ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar" "Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits" "How to use apple cider vinegar" "apple cider vinegar uses"

Do you ever have a moment when you say to yourself “Why on Earth did I wait so long to try that”? When I switched over to the Paleo approach to eating I discovered I loved foods and ingredients I’d previously shied away from. One of those things being Apple Cider Vinegar. I love my […]

BEDA: Day 14: Why I Blog


  5 years ago I started my blog with this post: Squishy is a Month Old Today.  I have since published 1,912 posts. I’m so grateful to have this blog. It’s been a struggle to balance it with everyday life, and there are times I think I should throw in the towel and spend more […]

Go Back To School With Essential Oils

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It’s almost time for school to start, and while most parents are busy buy school supplies and working on their calenders it’s also the perfect time to make sure you have some Young Living essential oils in your home. I’ve been using essential oils for a few years, but I’m so happy I have my […]

BEDA: Day 13: Living In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Sign

If you would have asked me when I was younger, in high school, or even in college if I’d end up in living in Las Vegas, I would have looked at you like you had 12 eyes. It was a non-option in my mind. I’m a midwestern girl and I always imagined I’d stay close […]

BEDA: Day 11&12: Movies and Guilty Pleasures!


  Well, I knew I’d be late on one or two days. Life is just getting busy for us in August. K is getting ready to start Kindergarten, so it’s back to school shopping and fall sports sign ups for us. I’m balancing the emotions of sending him to kindergarten with getting ready to say […]