Toy State Toys | Hot Wheels Hyper Racer Review

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Like many children, my boys were SO excited to open gifts on Christmas morning. They couldn’t wait.  And like many parents I tried really hard to give them gifts I thought would last and they’d enjoy for many many months if not a few years. Inevitably a few toys fall flat. We usually end up […]

YogaLean by Beth Shaw {Book Review + #Giveaway}

"YogaLean Book Review" "YogaLean" "Beth Shaw"

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the amazing second book YogaLean by yoga guru and entrepreneur Beth Shaw. I am a total newbie to yoga and have wanted to make a change towards healthier eating habits so I have really enjoyed this books approach to weight loss and wellness through strong poses and […]

Day 10 #miniSPbdaybash Super Awesome #Giveaway

Spray Pal Giveaway

One of the cool things about my job is that I get to meet some really awesome people who own some really amazing companies. Jenn from Spray Pal is one of those people, so when I heard she was throwing a birthday giveaway bash in honor of mini Spray Pal’s 3rd birthday I decided I […]

Cinderella Movie Review – Put It Together and What Do You Got

"Cinderella" "Cinderella 2015" "Cinderella Movie Review" "Disney Cinderella"

Cinderella fans can rejoice over Disney’s latest live action version of one of their classic animated features. Disney absolutely got it right. This breathtaking world steered by director, Kenneth Branagh polishes up the old Disney story by adding just the right touches of realism and magic. It is a story that not only boasts the […]

Move It Monday (Weekly Meal Planning + Workouts)

"Fitness" "Weight Loss" "Meal Plans" "Weekly Meal Planning" "Weight Loss Meal Plans"

(If you are just here for the meal plan – skip to the bottom!) Well, it’s been a while huh! I’m not going to lie – blogging is near the bottom of my priority list right now. The only reason I continue to want to do it, is because I love it. That said, now […]

InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron Review! #RSVPInStyler

"Instyler" "Instyler Review" "Instyler Max 2-way Rotating Iron Review" "Hair style" "Easy flat Iron"

You guys! It has been a hot minute since I’ve been able to sit down to my computer and blog! I am going to try very hard to make a better effort not only because I have a lot to share, but because I genuinely miss writing about my family, running, and things I’ve been […]

Heart Shaped Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

"Heart Shaped Cupcakes" "How to Make Heart Cupcakes" "Valentines Day Cupcakes" "Valentines Day" "Cupcakes"

    Valentines Day is fast approaching and I thought this would be the perfect time to share these adorable heart shaped cupcakes! These are very special to me as my mother would make these for my birthday every year (February baby here!) and I do the same for my daughter who is also born […]

Personalized Family Wall Calendar from Shutterfly

"Shutterfly" "Shutterfly Wall Calendars" "Personalized Calendar" "Personalized Family Wall Calendar" "Shutterfly Calendar"

You know those pictures you took last year that are just sitting on your hard drive doing nothing? Did you know you can go over to Shutterfly and spend 30-45 minutes and create a personalized family wall calendar that you will not only love to look at all year long, but will become something you […]

30+ Ways to Complete Home Organization

"Home Organization" "Get Organized" "Home Organization Tips" "30+ Tips to Get your Home Organzied" "Complete Home Organization"

If you are stopping by after watching Channel 8 News  this morning – thank you so much for watching and taking the time to check out my blog for more information about the tips and products I featured on TV. While you are here please be sure to head over to my About Emily to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Run The 2015 Color Run! #WeShine

"The Color Run" "Las Vegas Color Run" "Shine Color Run" "The Color Run 2015"

You may have heard of The Color Run before, but I can promise you – you haven’t seen it like this! The Color Run is back for it’s 2015 tour and it’s better than ever! Whether you are a veteran runner or looking to run your first 5k, here are 5 reasons why you should […]